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Hows it going to the board....have a random question though.....i recently broke my right arm in a really bizzare accident...and was wondering waht i should do. Doctor says ill be in the cast for about another two months. I still do cardio but have lost roughly about 15 pounds since i cant hit the wieghts. Its a full arm cast so it even limits some of leg lifts. Have any suggestions any help would be great.  

14 Aug 2006 08:54
Start eating again properly to get as much weight back as you can, cardio is good and just do whatever you can manage for legs.  

14 Aug 2006 13:08
make sure ur not losing any muscle by having enough protein in your diet, now is just as important as any to maintain, you dont wanna lose that hard earned muscle u worked for...  

14 Aug 2006 18:21
dont do cardio.  

14 Aug 2006 18:31

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