6 1/2 weeks

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Felt like ass that day still holding around 225 was 227 I think before the gym that day..Back still needs to dry out a bit and glutes those two always come in last..6 weeks out today so the last switch has been flipped and it gets nasty fckn evil from here on out!!  

13 Aug 2006 00:21
Looking alot leaner than last pics. What do you figure about 6%?  

13 Aug 2006 01:33
Quads are looking awesome...!!!  

13 Aug 2006 02:27
Wel I was %6.7 a week ago so probaly around 6% I am gettng checked again this week sometime so will post that up when it is done.

I am just glad I have been putting the "I told ya" to alot of the people who didn;t belive I could come down from 240 and9% to the 220 range and in the 4-5% range..Even with the bumps I have had in the last few weeks I have kept muscle and dropped BF when most can't do that.

So I hope to win the show of course or a t elast qualify for Nats..I will then have a def show to do and will focus on my biggest offseason ever so the next time I am on stage it will be around 240+.  

13 Aug 2006 02:39
you look sick bro  

13 Aug 2006 07:35
looking awsome bro!real dry,good definition.6 more weeks of hell to go.lol good luck man  

13 Aug 2006 16:20
bang on target. leeeaaannnn! and keeping the muscle mass. well done. got every faith in you  

13 Aug 2006 18:20
lean, ripped with mass.. awesome...!!!!  

13 Aug 2006 20:50
Lookin hard, big man.  

13 Aug 2006 21:27
you should have done some sexy poses on the bronco. other than that you look great! im wanting to do a show in april  

13 Aug 2006 22:18
you look great I'm sure u'll be shreadded in 6 weeks  

13 Aug 2006 23:02
About to step up the cardio now 2-3 days 30min in the morn and after my workouts excpet for legs I will do 15min on the brutal stair climber to bring in my glutes and legs more.Up to know no cardio has been done..  

13 Aug 2006 23:21
Damn huge difference, nice work  

14 Aug 2006 02:24
looking great man. good work  

14 Aug 2006 04:24
Man Storm your gonna kill them at you comp. Train hard, good luck.  

14 Aug 2006 21:08
First of all, you look lean bro. 6 weeks til showtime! secondly, nice haircut! and third SCREW YOU for being 5% with zero cardio!  

14 Aug 2006 21:39
mate tht is awesome bf % loss, really showing in ur quads nice 2 c u've gone 4 the skinhead look to look extra mean. 6 more weeks 2 go, good luck, u should kill em  

15 Aug 2006 00:35
Yea just to hott for me to have hair right now..I have been restoring this full size bronco but I am sick of it and will be getting a big ol red neck truck from a buddy of mine..LOL...I can't pass up the deal and I am the type that doesnt care what I drive I have had brand new tahoes,f-150, eddie bauer explorer so if it runs and get me there I am fine wiht it..The bronco needs an AC conversion and a new rear end so I have been getting the sweat on after 20min in the hot box..

I will post pics of the diesel truck when i get it 2002 4 door chevy 6in lift and 35in tires...Yeeeeehhhhaaawwww!!  

15 Aug 2006 01:03
yosemite sam mud flaps!  

15 Aug 2006 01:54

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