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I have 2 10ml bottles of andropen 275 please tell me if this cycle sounds good for the first time .

1cc 2 shots a week every Mon-Thur

for 10 weeks

then PCT - Nolva and or clomid

or should i up the dossage from 1cc to 1 1/2 cc

should i start pct right after last shot or wait and if so how long

also another question, i was thinking about stacking it with dbol for the first 4weeks any help please thanks  

05 Aug 2006 23:58
Well, andropen is kinda strong for a first cycle IMO. Whats your age, lifting experience, stats, etc..?  

06 Aug 2006 00:46
start with the lower dose and see how you react, PCT questions can be answered with a search, most will say to save stacking for later if its your first one  

06 Aug 2006 07:46
age, stats diet etc????  

06 Aug 2006 07:52
isnt that basically Sust with 1 more compound?  

07 Aug 2006 20:21
I think it has tren acetate in it if im not mistaken. If so thats a little harsh for a first cycle. Maybe im wrong.  

07 Aug 2006 20:35
im too lazy to look it up.  

07 Aug 2006 20:37
me too.  

07 Aug 2006 20:38
no tren in it. its test ace you are thinking of. is basically sust plus test ace. another fast ester. would be best to inj eod imho.  

07 Aug 2006 20:43
Each 20 ml multidose vial contains 20 mg per ml of testosterone acetate, 90 mg per ml of testosterone decanoate, 45 mg per ml of testosterone propionate, 45 mg per ml of testosterone phenylpropionate, and 75 mg per ml of testosterone cypionate.

so i would think you would probably do it EOD???  

07 Aug 2006 20:44
Got ya.  

07 Aug 2006 20:45
yep.. you better start with a lower conc before you go full blast.. see how it goes.. might result into some nasty side effects..  

08 Aug 2006 15:23

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