FCK!! X-games Travis pulled a dbl backflip on a motorcycle!!

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HOLEY FREAKIN SHIT!! That was awesome!! Only been 4 yrs since the first back flip was pulled by Carey Hart..Man that is some cray shit!!  

05 Aug 2006 23:15
I never knew you got easily excited sotrm :D  

06 Aug 2006 07:51
didnt think that was possible!!!!! never seen it before  

06 Aug 2006 13:55
Anything that involes insane guts or shows incrediable talent wheather it be physcial or mental get be going love seeing shit like that..That last flip he was so freakin close ot the ramp with his head and he stayed commited and land the bike with both wheels touchin freakin amazing..  

06 Aug 2006 18:43
and he won the car one too.  

07 Aug 2006 00:40
the rally car thing was cool. dude that took the silver rolled the frickin car over and kept driving. badass shits.  

07 Aug 2006 17:22
man that is amazing  

09 Aug 2006 02:43
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][B]The double back flip was crazy I had heard ppl saying he would do it but I wasn't sure if he was gonna pull it off[/B][/FONT]  

09 Aug 2006 07:06
travis is a stud. one crazy mofo. i bet his balls sparkle when he walks!

did yall see the lazy chair back flip he pulled in moto-x freestyle? it was crazy!  

10 Aug 2006 01:15
that was amazing...  

10 Aug 2006 01:25
That was a crazy jump, I just watched it on youtube. Hard to be how perfectly he nailed it.  

10 Aug 2006 11:26
yea maybe they'll check him for steroids now....  

10 Aug 2006 18:20

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