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I'm having discomfort in my right shoulder over the last year or so. And I'm 90 percent sure I have tendonitis in my left arm, from my own knowledge, and from opinions of athletic trainers.

I want to get an MRI. Does anyone know how to go about doing this? Or have gotten one? Just ask my doctor or something? And would it be covered under my insurance? I just wanna know definately wtf is wrong with me lol.  

03 Aug 2006 07:30
MRI wont help cant see tendonitis and unless you dislocated your shoulder you dont need to get an MRI. warm up your arm really good. im talkin 2-4 light sets to get it warmed up. after Ice it and take some should be icing it every chance you get for 20minutes at a time. and take ib-hurtin a couple times a day. if you have an ace bandage, sometimes it helps to wrap it tight around the point that hurts. that will help your arm.  

03 Aug 2006 07:38
gotcha, but i dunno know whats wrong with my shoulder, i dunno know if its tendonitis...  

03 Aug 2006 16:29
then i would go have it diagnosed and if the doc thinks you need an MRI he'll refer you to one that your insurance will cover.  

03 Aug 2006 16:38
I almost never go to the doctor, but if you're gonna be getting under heavy weights and something is hurting it would be wise to get it fixed. Don't wait until a small pain becomes a dumbell dropped on your forehead or a torn muscle.  

03 Aug 2006 16:48
Yeah, I gotta get on it.  

03 Aug 2006 17:17
yea i went to a orthopedic doctor and he said what i did to my shoulder and that its ok. just went to make sure  

03 Aug 2006 18:13

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