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Ok i had some BW done and here are the numbers...

Total Cholesterol 196 mg/ml
HDL 43 mg/dl
Triglycerides 135 mg/dl
ldl 126 mg/dl
TC/HDL ratio 4.6

Glucose 85mg/dl

BP 127/65

I will be starting an anavar only run at 50mg ed for 6 weeks starting in 10 days. What should I watch for and what can I do to help...  

27 Jul 2006 19:24
Your numbers look real good.  

27 Jul 2006 20:23
The immediate threat is blood pressure. Generally, for healthy people, a regiment of a few different herbal supplements seem to be enough. Lots of water for kidneys, some garlic tabs for blood pressure, and if you ever have/had joint problems, you probably want to start some Glucosamine Condroiten.

Make sure you are eating healthy too. This will probably help the most. Good fats, wholesome carbs etc.  

27 Jul 2006 20:25
thanks gents. i have never had any joint problems besides ligament injuries to ankles that have never been the same since. diet is listed here...  

27 Jul 2006 21:46

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