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Does anybody have a reciepe for injectable D-bol?  

27 Jul 2006 05:04
Why would you want to inj it? IMO oral is best that mexi crap reforvit-b was juts that crap..  

27 Jul 2006 05:57
Im Just geting tired of the everclear tast in my mouth.  

27 Jul 2006 07:00
why dont you cap the powder easier then making a liquid don't you think? plus you can make the caps whatever mg you want and carry them around instead of a bottle of liquid.  

27 Jul 2006 07:38
I would rather drink it everyday instead of everyday pokes..............just my thought.............but if you want a recipe I will dig one up for you.  

27 Jul 2006 13:01
Heres an idea from a bro at WCBB:


have a nice new treat for you guys who hate taking those nasty inconvenient liquid orals. i just got a new scale that is accurate to 1mg. I have been looking for a way to take my dbol throughout the day at work without having to carry the liquid around at work. I got some hershey bars and nuked them till they were nice and liquid. i got a candy mold from the store. i worked one piece at a time, filling it up half way, putting in 10mg dbol then filling it the rest of the way up. now i have an easy, tasty way to spread my dbol out throughout the day!  

27 Jul 2006 13:25

27 Jul 2006 18:37
haha thats awesome  

28 Jul 2006 22:08
Bro I am speaking from long experience...injected Dbol feels about like putting a lit cig out on the injected area. Reforvit and other pro. pharma. produced injectable Dbol usually contains a form of Novacaine (spell?) to numb the area as U inject.  

31 Jan 2007 01:12
well that dosent sound fun  

31 Jan 2007 01:21
I'm not exaggerating in the least bit. It'll wake U the **** up w/ a 5 am, in the dark glute inject I promise ya.  

31 Jan 2007 02:19

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