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So here the deal. I ordered 25 grams of Test E, 25 of deca, 5 grams of tren ace but they only gave me four and 1 gram of tren e, which I agreed to. Does anyone know which one comes in an oil.

Also, one spilled all over the place and now I'm trying to put it all together because they aren't labeled. I cgather the one with the least amount of powder was tren ace but I had two larger bags full of oil but spilled anyone know which one is which?  

27 Jul 2006 02:17
eq is actually liquid at room temp.(goldish brown color)
Deca is more like a paste, could melt and look oily at higher temps.
Take a look at the gear pics section. I posted some pics of powders there somewhere.............  

27 Jul 2006 03:23
You should post some pics of these items and I will try to help you more.  

27 Jul 2006 03:28
yea EQ is the only one that is a liquid very messy.  

27 Jul 2006 03:44

27 Jul 2006 13:05
Well the pack was received at 103 'f either way I chatted with the guy and we sorted it out, I was honestly only concerned with the spill of one bag. Bag number 1 which was test e, he said test e becomes a liquid at I believe it was 30-40 celcius  

27 Jul 2006 17:43

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