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can clenbuterol be found in a drug test?  

25 Jul 2006 05:59
i know it can be detected. but will a regular drug test where narcotics are the mean reason for the test show it. Or is it like steroids where a specific test is needed?  

25 Jul 2006 06:16
no testing for gear is expensive your regular 8 panles DT will not look for gear..If you are gettingtested b/c of probatioon then make sure your not gettnig tested for gear or if your charges were gear then ya better be clean.  

25 Jul 2006 07:01
if youre just being tested for narcotics then dont worry about it  

25 Jul 2006 18:22
its just a random drug test for my job. thanks for the info  

26 Jul 2006 03:44

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