just broke a plateau!

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John H
yes im stoked. for about 3 months ive been stuck at 200 lbs and now i just broke it and im weighing in at 215. score. i bet your all super stoked on me, even if you dont know it  

25 Jul 2006 02:17
thats a pretty big jump if your stuck at a plateau, lol  

25 Jul 2006 02:21
John H
yeah, but i hadnt weighed myself for about 3 weeks, so i guess i broke it a little while back and didnt notice  

25 Jul 2006 02:25
Nice work:clap:  

25 Jul 2006 04:36
very nice,hope it's all muscle for quite a jump.lol  

25 Jul 2006 13:46
John H
yeah, i dont really gain fat. at least i havent all my life, i was always one of those skinny tall guys who eats like mad but never gets any heavier, i just started to gain muscle like 2 years ago. but this is usually how it is for me, ill be at the same weight for a long time and then suddenly something in my body decides its time to grow and i gain a bunch of weight, now the trick is to see if its possible for me to extend the growth time and gain even more before i stop again  

26 Jul 2006 02:26
Master Of Puppets
Congrats. Sucks bein an ectomorph...


28 Jul 2006 22:35

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