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The great Louei Ferigno is a bodybuilding favourite to many people. I myself had a screensaver of him and today I borrowed the video stand tall for the 2nd time as I admired the fellah. Unfoirtunatelly though tonight I had heard some things on the net which if true would change my opinion of the man. Conversation about Lou from other Gym people is bellow.

<eatGABA> lou is a f!@#head anyway
<pumping_iron> coz his dopey?
<eatGABA> no cos he is a ****
<pumping_iron> lol
<eatGABA> he charges kids for autographs
<eatGABA> he is using his brother and father
<eatGABA> he is just f23@#d up
<eatGABA> suing
<eatGABA> i dont understand why anyone would have any respect for him
<TheAnimal> his physique>
<eatGABA> theres more than just physique
<TheAnimal> lies
<eatGABA> wot about attitude
<pumping_iron> if he won olympia u would like him
<eatGABA> wtf no i wouldnt
<pumping_iron> yeah u would
<MegaA> does he charge kids for autographs?
<TheAnimal> are you saying eatGABA likes Frank Zane because he won an Olympia
<TheAnimal> or Sergio
<TheAnimal> or haney
<pumping_iron> yes
<eatGABA> along with valentino, lou are the 2 most hated bbders ever
<eatGABA> pumping_iron do u even know who valentino is?>
<TheAnimal> who is Lou Zwick people always bring that name up
<MegaA> why do you say that man?
<pumping_iron> yeah same italian kant
<TheAnimal> haha lou is a dick
<eatGABA> nearly everyone i know hates him
<MegaA> well thats fair enough but why ?
<eatGABA> cos he is a horrible person
<TheAnimal> he is suing his BROTHER?
<pumping_iron> ill take him out arnold arnold arnold arnold
<pumping_iron> hahahaha
<TheAnimal> he waited for his dad to die
<TheAnimal> then he sued his brother
<MegaA> why is he suiing ?
<eatGABA> his suing his brother for owning a gym call Ferrigno Fitness
<pumping_iron> lol wth are u serious
<eatGABA> he has also been seen numerous times turning down kids wanting autographs cos they wouldnt pay him
<MegaA> are you serious ?
<eatGABA> yes
<slaine> sounds like a bit of an asshole
<pumping_iron> wot a k!@t

Is it true that he charges kids for autographs ? I recently had 4 of the European cup winning soccer team sign a shirt for me with no asking for money and I think they are more prestigious than Lou as soccer has a greater participation rate and a greater popularity. If it is true that he sued his brother then that would be disapointing and a bit of a let down considering that he comes from what was a close knit European background family where family is everything and it seems that if these allegations are true then it would be a big let down and my opinion of him would change.

can anybody confirm or deny these? :confused:  

13 Jul 2006 15:38
yea pretty much all of that is true..Lou is a jerkoff when it comes to autographs and photo's and yes he is suing hisbrother for sing their own last name..He is a asshole been that way for a longtime..  

13 Jul 2006 16:39
big Louie, the incredible hack

the rambling freak hates him, for whatever that's worth :laughing:

I don't really want to know the personal lives of celebs. They seem to be the most screwed up among us. I just like the warm fuzzy memories of big green Lou appearing twice in the hour every show and breaking everything then running down the street like an elephant with his chest bouncing like Dolly Parton. The Hulk was my inspiration for lifting. :D

Only 3 of my childhood heroes still bring a big stupid grin to my face when I see 'em; Arnold, Hulk Hogan, and The Incredible Hulk  

13 Jul 2006 18:06
RIGHT THATS IT I AM NOW ANTI FERIGNO! And he came across as a gentleman in Pumping Iron as well. Life has its dissapointments - ah well.  

14 Jul 2006 10:18
yes,i've heard all those stories about lou also.what a DICK  

14 Jul 2006 15:13

I ran across him at The Arnold this past year... $25 for a pic and sig.

I went up and asked him if i could just get a picture with him no autograph or n e thing else.. He didnt even look me in the eye turned to his daughter (i think) and she said "i'm sorry but you have to pay" ... When she finished her sentence i looked back at lou and he was just looking right past me like i wasn't there.... So i pulled out $25 and BOOM it was hello young man how are you? I replied "pretty good" he said thats nice you ready for a picture? I said NO NO.. i dont want to bother you with that. he asked whats the money for? i said "well i figured that you needed some extra cash and all now that you are washed up"(placed a 20 in his hand)

haha that made him happy (sarcasm implied)... i turned around and walked away..

I've hated him ever since...



15 Jul 2006 02:00
Thats a lie - you did not do that. Nobody would have the balls to do that to that super freak.  

16 Jul 2006 04:14
[QUOTE=MegaA]Thats a lie - you did not do that. Nobody would have the balls to do that to that super freak.[/QUOTE]

i damn sure did! .... I thinks its inhumane for some1 with his status to act like that.. he is pretty much washed up D. O. N. E....


17 Jul 2006 02:58
D.o.n.e. ?  

17 Jul 2006 15:47
uh they charge for autographs cuz thats how they made a living. bbers dont get paid wads of money like actors and artists. if they want $10 for a autograph then i'll give it to em. there is only a handful of bbers who make alot of money and it took years and YEARS of bbing and keeping a regular job. just cuz you win a show doesnt mean youre star quality  

28 Jul 2006 18:37

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