11 weeks out

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I will explain more later but just wanted to get the pics up for you guys..  

11 Jul 2006 04:49
one more  

11 Jul 2006 04:49
John H
lookin good storm. what else can i say  

11 Jul 2006 05:26
um you love me and want to have my babies?? Hahahahah j/k...  

11 Jul 2006 05:31
John H
you got a little bit of swass in that last pic... not that i was looking at your ass...  

11 Jul 2006 06:33
Yea nice hott ride to the gym since I am to lazy to fix the A/C in my beater..Pics were taken before the workout and I am already sweatin..LOL  

11 Jul 2006 07:13
Lookin good bro.  

11 Jul 2006 07:29
look great .. whats your bf% at this stage?  

11 Jul 2006 12:14
Atta boy!

Wheels look like they're coming along well. I'd say your right about 10% BF, what r u weighing in at?  

11 Jul 2006 18:29
Nope I am 8% down a litle over 1% I am 230lbs..We are having to adjust the diet due to my fast metabolism..I dropped 10lbs in 9 days so we are having to adjust to slow that down.I come in very fast..I have my bf tested at a human performance lab every 10 days to make sure things are going right.  

11 Jul 2006 19:03
not too bad there stormy.looking good.what bf% are you aiming for?and that's what you get for peeing sitting down.lol  

11 Jul 2006 20:13
Hope to be around 4-5% and 220's..  

11 Jul 2006 20:50
lookin good  

12 Jul 2006 08:42
how tall are you storm?  

28 Jul 2006 18:39
5'11-6' been measured at both..  

28 Jul 2006 19:09

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