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Hey Bros: I have been working out with the simple Nitro Tech and Cell tech stacks. Now I have recently added dynabol and some Hgh pellets. I just could use some help getting into this thing. Can this combo help or what? I would appreciate any help you can do.  

10 Jul 2006 20:25
that combo can certainly you waste money!  

10 Jul 2006 21:20
[QUOTE=AMERFOOTBALL]that combo can certainly you waste money![/QUOTE]
Well can anyone help with some suggestions so I'm not blowing my kids school money???? Ha.
All I want is to grow. I assume I need to stay on the protein and what else?Hi  

10 Jul 2006 21:28
[QUOTE=mikenewbie]Well can anyone help with some suggestions so I'm not blowing my kids school money???? Ha.
All I want is to grow. I assume I need to stay on the protein and what else?Hi[/QUOTE]

What does your diet look like? What does your current training program look like?

Supplements will only make a 5-10% difference ASSUMING your training and nutrition and other areas are being optimized and are at a threshold...  

10 Jul 2006 21:43
HGH pellets are your joking?? Who the hell told you to buy that and why?  

11 Jul 2006 01:34
John H
comon guys stop ridiculing him and help him out.  

11 Jul 2006 04:05
Oh don't worry I will but I need to know who has been telling him what..  

11 Jul 2006 04:31
legal steroids is an oxymoron. if it worked it would not be legal. don't waste your money. Ever notice most supplements work great for about a week then nothing. it's called the placebo effect
or it just has caffeine in it  

11 Jul 2006 20:42
the only effective hgh is injectible. dyanabol is not real d-bol. those will not do anything for you. if you want to grow, post your diet, training, and stats and let the vets here help you. the most anabolic thing you can buy is food. if you aren't growing 99.99999999% of the time its because you're not eating enough the other .00000001% of the time is because of either overtraining, or not getting enough rest.  

11 Jul 2006 21:31
Amen, brother!  

11 Jul 2006 21:36
Thanks, for your help. I am 6'1" holding about 195lb. medium build. I have recently tried to intake approx. 3500 cal. 150 fat. 650 carbs. & 350 protein. I work out with free weights. I try to do maximum weight to obtain about 10 reps. I am building, although it's very slow. I was always very skinny until I turned 25 and now at 29 I am able keep on more weight. I train Mon, Tue, Wed-cardio, Thur, Fri, Sat-Cardio, Sun - off.
Do you think my diet is off or should be revamped.
Thanks, Mikenewbie  

12 Jul 2006 02:20
what do you train on what days. post your exact workout. i have a feeling you may be overtraining.  

12 Jul 2006 15:59
Probobly going to failure on every set. It's a popular misconception. If so, just do 1 set to absolute failure per each lift. No more than 3 lifts per muscle group, although I'd recommend only 2. Also, you might want to try and cut back the amount of reps you're doing to 4-6 reps.


Bench press-
1st set - warmup (15 reps, easy pace the whole way through)
2nd set - 6 reps medium intensity
3rd set - 5 reps moderate intensity
4th set - 4 reps extreme intensity (You should feel like puking afterward)

then do the same with incline and that's it for chest.

I'm assuming you're training naturally since you didn't mention gear.  

12 Jul 2006 18:26

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