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I think the shamrock fight was called a bit early... Ortiz was getting some good elbows but shamrock was in the motion of getting out of it.... Ortiz would of had the fight hands down but I would have liked it to go longer....

Arlovski took some punishment to the chin, and eyes but just never had enoughto win...

Anyone else able to watch it???  

09 Jul 2006 10:20
I watched it nad agree they shouldda let Tito pounds of Shmarock a littelonger so he couldn't copmplain.

Arlovski just did;nt do what he neede to ot win I still believe he is a better fighter but after round 3 he shouldda put silva on his back.  

09 Jul 2006 19:02
Shit sucked ass..That ref called the fight way to freakin fast almost "I got payed to do it" fast..Tito only hit him with 2 elbows the rest did not connext they were off ot the side it made it look like he was punding him but the replay clearly shows he was not getting hit only one glanced the side of his head that actually cut hima little..After all that wait it was total bullshit and Tito knows it thatis why he was saying they could go again..If he would have repated that last fight Tito would not give Ken a rematch but he knows that shit was called to quick and nothing was proven.

IMO if Ken took it to the 2nd or 3rd round and Tito gased out like he did with Forrest it would have been a very interesting fight..  

09 Jul 2006 19:31
I was willing to pay the 40 bones to watch Hughes vs. Gracie, but not this one. Everyone I've heard talk about it that saw the fight agrees that it was bogus and called way to early. Then again, show me one person that doesn't think that Tito will destroy Shamrock any day any time and I'll show you an idiot. MMA is on the verge of blowing up as a sport because of the UFC. They need to be careful with all of this rivalry drama crap not to let it turn into fake professional wrestiling bullshit...  

09 Jul 2006 20:17
The Arlovski/Sylvia fight was a good fight, I'm glad it went the distance. But I was still hoping for an Arlovski victory. But oh well. The Shamrock Ortiz fight was a joke, and it was stopped way to early. It's like they were too afraid to let Ortiz and Shamrock fight because of their mutual hate. So the moment Ken got in a bit of trouble they broke it up. The first fight was brutal! Most blood I've ever seen in a UFC fight. And Frank Mir is a joke now, the Mir vs Christionson fight was the laziest match I've ever seen. So this is my prediction for whats going to happen next:

Arlovski will be back, just because he will beat any other challenger.

Lidell is going to beat Sobral hands down. I think Chuck will also end up with a rematch against Ortiz because Ortiz is talking big about Chuck again. The last match between lidell and ortiz ended with Ortiz up against the cage getting the living shit beat out of him. I'm definately excited about the Liddel vs Silva (from PRIDE) fight this september.

Ortiz vs Shamrock: Althought I was dissapointed about how this went, I dont think it will happen again. They hyped it up to be amazing, then they blew it by making a bogus call, another rematch wouldn't be that exciting anymore.

Mir will not come back, the way he fought was sad for being 'The Worlds Previous Heavyweight Champion". He is no longer in contention for the heavyweight title.

Just my opinions though, who knows?  

09 Jul 2006 22:11
Your wrong about Lidell and Babaloo he will have his hands full with that guy..Once past that if he gets past that Silva is another huge fight for him.Mir is def a wash he was pathetic.  

09 Jul 2006 22:17
Why do you think Babaloo will be a challenge for him? If it goes to the ground then maybe. But if Chuck can keep standing I think he'll take it no problem.  

10 Jul 2006 00:49
Chuck is a machine  

10 Jul 2006 02:49
Babaloo wil be a hard win as always yes a well placed punch can end it but most likey he will have to work hard ot get the win and yes if it goes ot the ground he will have alot of problem there..huck has also not fought in awhile so it will be interesting to see what he has done with himself.  

10 Jul 2006 06:49
1 minute and 18 seconds! thats bull, They said shamrock went limp for a second, I must have missed it  

10 Jul 2006 06:51
I never really saw him go limp even in looking at several replays..Again he only got hit with 2 maybe 3 elbows the rest just looked good but were missing and off to the side..I guess one of them nicked his head he had alittle blood off tot he side of his head but he was by no means wozzy.  

10 Jul 2006 15:53
ken was back up the second the fight was called.... complete BS... storm i agree with you if the fight were to go the distance it would be interesting..  

11 Jul 2006 01:59
i watched it and yes, after all the hype, the ken v ortiz fight was shit. we all know ortiz was gonna win at some stage, cuz ken is all mouth, but it was far too short. the ref should have let it go for a few more elbows and got the proper ko not the stupid tko. i wouldnt b surprised if ortiz v shamrock appears again sometime soon, like UFC 68 or sumit.
mir will never be at his best, but it was good to see him fighting again after the accident.
UFC 61 should b alrite. garentee the iceman to bash him good and proper.  

13 Jul 2006 15:21

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