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Just a little extra-curricular fun I'm into. Since I'm not a poseur I will tell you it's not mine. It's my older brother's. He's rich and he shares his toys.:laughing:



Hang on beeyaaach!  

23 Jun 2006 00:08
And before you tell me the pics are from a website, I know. His bike has seen many shows and been in magazines. Soon I'll get a pic of me on that one and his other one which is an equally badass Hayabusa.  

23 Jun 2006 00:11
nice very nice what size is that rear tire it has to be bigger then a 200..  

23 Jun 2006 01:21
Have not had the time to order it plus I have been busy with a website and a few other things but here is the rollin chassie I am going to get a trick out some more..  

23 Jun 2006 01:23
All it takes is time and money.  

23 Jun 2006 02:00
2 very sharp bikes.  

23 Jun 2006 06:06
I hate you guys I just sold my bike:( , but I plan on buying a brand new ZX-14 when I get down to pensacola.  

23 Jun 2006 07:10
how come I cant see smblsbgarms links but I can see storms?  

23 Jun 2006 07:19
Sweet chopper, Storm!  

23 Jun 2006 15:03
Here are a couple more. The stock Busa is my younger bro's, the beast is my older bro's. I don't even need to build one, my family is generous! :laughing:



23 Jun 2006 15:11
Oh, that tire on the R1 is a 300.  

23 Jun 2006 15:29
I fig it was close to that..Never seen a rice burner with a tire that big in back..My custom has a 300 on it also.  

23 Jun 2006 17:02
Around here there's a ton of Harleys and choppers and not many Jap bikes catch their eye. Needless to say, those two bikes draw a crowd.

Respect her, fear her, show her love, or SHE WILL THROW YOU OFF!  

23 Jun 2006 17:17

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