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I am doing some comparison shopping on Whey Protein. I'm interested in a protein blend. I found that there are many kinds of Whey. My question is, what do you think is the best whey protein, Pro Complex by optimum nutrition. Methoxy Pro by Cytodyne, or Desighner Whey?:confused:  

21 Jun 2006 23:44
whatever gets you the best deal for your money... look at high protein low carb servings... protein is protein... if someone pumps a certain whey product they are a moron  

21 Jun 2006 23:55
Not Pumping Isopure, just sharing

I'm using Nauture's best dutch chocolate isopure isolate and like it so far. I also seem to not be blasting as much nasty ass around after switching to it. Tastes pretty good, 50 grams of protein isolate per serving, 50+ servings in the 7.5lb tub, low carbs, no fat. They also have a no carb version if that's to your liking. Also has a good dose of glutamine, potassium, calcium, and vitamins A, C, E, etc...important stuff as well. The guy at GNC was willing to part with the 7.5 lb tub for about $55. Works for me.

Here's the label for the 3lb tub

22 Jun 2006 01:23
whey protein is whey protein. like A.B said, high protein, low carb and your b fine n dandy  

22 Jun 2006 20:35
Im using the Designer Whey stuff right now, did the simple math 36g protein/ 48 g serving = 75% protien. Got it from walmart mainly cause I get a discount there but when i was shoppin round i went to gnc and low and behold..the bloody highest protein shit they had there was 76% for a riduculus price...not countin isolates or anything. So i walked my ass back to walmart and got the better deal Smile  

23 Jun 2006 07:48
the masterpiece
the cheapest one is good as long as it's whey  

28 Jun 2006 07:02

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