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Is drinking gatorade during a workout just as benficial as drinking one directly after a workout? J/w because ive been drinking gatorade during my workout latley and then after workout i drink 2 scoops of muscle milk.  

12 Jun 2006 21:20
I do sometimes if my workout is gonna be real long. Itll keep ya from going catabolic. Sometimes after a workout with my pwo meal as a dextrose substitute.  

12 Jun 2006 22:17
unless you workout extremely long and hard I highly doubt you will deplete your glucose stores. As long as you are eating enough carbs and you are getting your PW shake I think there's no need for the gatorade, but on the other hand won't hurt either.  

12 Jun 2006 23:52
Im talking when I play hockey for 2 hours straight.  

12 Jun 2006 23:55
I was just saying it's not common for a regular workout to completely deplete your glucose stores. Gatorade commercial hype things up but really about the only people that really need some Gatorade (sugar and salt mixed in water gives you the same benefits) would be long distance runners or people doing something similar. This is just what I have read and heard in my health class from college. Another interesting side note is that V8 has 30x the amout of electrolites as gatorade... according to an article I read on DNP.  

13 Jun 2006 01:20
If you are a hardgainer and trying to spare muscle tissue, it is super beneficial to drink it during your workouts. If you are trying to cut up, it can actually be counterproductive. I always drink half a quart during, then switch to water, and drink the other half after w/ my shake.  

17 Mar 2009 23:14
Josh Rider
Gatorade + Whey Isolate post workout is a great combination. As is basically any combination of protein/carb.  

13 Jul 2009 05:24
denial kujur
It replaces the electrolytes in your body, so that way you won't get cramps and stuff. So yeah.

You can drink them before, during or after. It don't matter.  

29 Oct 2009 18:42
If I might be able to interject for one moment....

Muscle Milk is not an ideal product to utilize for a postworkout meal.

The name of the game post is absorbability and the rate at which it enters the muscles, switching from a catabolic state to that almighty anabolic atomosphere.

Any dietary fat will slow the absorbtion of your post protein. IMO, the ideal combonation would be a dexanhydrous glucose coupled with a hydrolized isolate. This reaches the blood stream MUCH quicker....  

29 Oct 2009 21:07
Gatorrade during your workout is not beneficial in anyway, assuming your diet is where it should be. If you eat a high carbohydrate meal (preferably simple carbs) an hr pre-workout and then workout for 1.5 hrs your body will just be finishing up digesting that meal once you drink your p.w. shake. Gatorrade could even be counterproductive in the sense that some blood which would normaly go towards fueling your muscles would be aiding in digestion instead. Unless your severely carb depleted, eating a carbohydrate rich meal before your workout with a post workout shake is all that is needed. Other than endurance atheltes most of the gatorade products are not needed and WAY over priced.

You can also thank Coke and Pepsi for the coming spike in whey prices ....  

19 Aug 2010 22:46
Hey man..gatorade isnt as beneficial to drink as many people believe. It doesn't contain any nutritional content to aid in recovery or energy addition. All it does it replenish electrolytes and sodium levels, which dont get me wrong is very important. A more all around drink to consume could be a supplement such as amino vital which hydrates and contains a good balance of carbs, vitamins, and minerals to deliver energy and faster recovery. Check it out at!  

30 Nov 2010 17:25

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