Severe Head Trauma

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i was benching 225, and i had just finished my set. i went to rack the weight, and as i set the bar in the hooks, they both snapped. 225lbs came straight down on my forehead. my spotter flipped and didnt have his wits about him enough to get it off, so i threw it off my head from a pure adrenaline rush. once i got the bleeding to stop, i went to the doctor, he sent me over to the hospital for x-ray, catscan, and an mri. they said that there were no fractures on my skull, and there is no internal bleeding. however, the frontal lobe was swollen. and i got a bad concussion.

TODAY:: alive....but thats about hurts like you wouldnt beleive. tuesday i was not allowed to sleep because of my severe concussion. last night i was allowed to sleep but i had to be woken up every 30 minutes just to make sure i dont slip into a coma. tonight i will be able to sleep 1 hour before having to be woken up, and tomorrow night it will be 2 hrs. then saturday night is my prom, so there wont be any sleeping that night. and then i will have to be woken up again every 2 hrs on sunday night. if in that time i show no problems, then i can actually get a full nights sleep.

the hospital called today and said "upon further inspection of x-rays, we found 3 hairline fractures in your skull. however no surgery is required. in about 8 weeks the fractures should be closed."

this happened tuesday, and here are some pics of it:  

02 Jun 2006 05:02
few more...  

02 Jun 2006 05:02
holy shittt, feel better man  

02 Jun 2006 05:06
That forked up dude! Something like that happening is always there in the back of my mind. youre very lucky to be here.  

02 Jun 2006 05:10
Frack both of them snapped?!?! Glad your ok AH you now have a war wound to tell about just change it to 315 ok...Hehehee..  

02 Jun 2006 05:33
all the best bro in your tiem of healing  

02 Jun 2006 07:43
shit thats bad !! .. ive always had a fear of the leg press machine giving way when im about to get off and being crushed. Lucky you werent laying further up the bench otherwise you wouldnt have any teeth. anyway all the best, hope u recover well.  

02 Jun 2006 09:18
shit i see a law suit! Good luck with the helaing process  

02 Jun 2006 17:03
[QUOTE=cwshorns]shit i see a law suit! Good luck with the helaing process[/QUOTE]

was thinking the same thing! ****ing rack busts with 225! good thing someone wasn't trying to push 350+. could have been death!  

02 Jun 2006 21:29
wow. I worked in a docters office for a few summers, but i never saw/heard about anything like that. I did hear about a lady dressed up as Pooh at Disney land who got attacked by a little kid and had a small fracture in her leg. Suckes for her but i about died laughing when i heard (thats my sick humer trying to chear people up) Glad your ok. Take care.  

02 Jun 2006 22:11
John H
yeah i wouldnt doubt that even the threat of a lawsuit could get you a free gym membership for a long long time  

02 Jun 2006 22:29
omg ow. ur lucky to be alive, and in one peice. 225 is stil serious weight jus to be dropped on ur forehead. i think u should grow u fringe, buy a broomstick and pretend ur harry potter Smile
good luck with the recovery and get a better spotter.  

02 Jun 2006 23:02
[QUOTE=AMERFOOTBALL]was thinking the same thing! ****ing rack busts with 225! good thing someone wasn't trying to push 350+. could have been death![/QUOTE]

That's what I was thinking. hell my friend dropped 185 on his chest broke his sternum. If someone was moving some big weight could have killed him. I'm not one for the whole law suit shit trying to get as much money as possible. I might asked to be conpensated for my doctors bills and stuff like that. I wouldn't trying to get money for emotional damages and stupid bullshit stuff like alot of people do. If you already have insurance and the doc bill wasn't bad I might try to milk the gym out of a couple year free membership. :D  

02 Jun 2006 23:14
a membership would be alright, but personally, i dunno if i could/want to work out there. i mean how nice can the equipment be if it this happened. plus, not that it was "scar me for life" but I want every mental edge and no distractions or thoughts in the back of my mind...  

03 Jun 2006 00:12
sorry to hear aboutt that man. best wishes for the recovery.  

03 Jun 2006 00:39
Holy shit! I'll be checking every peice of equipment I use! I once dropped a starter on my head while I was working on a racecar. Felt like Mike Tyson sucker punched me! And it only weighed 30lbs or so. Man you are lucky!

You know, I've seen a lot of monsters toss 400+ onto the racks (for the baddass effect I guess) hurts to think about what could happen!  

23 Jun 2006 22:31
This is exactly why I only go 135 lb max.  

23 Jun 2006 22:35
[QUOTE=EL2]This is exactly why I only go 135 lb max.[/QUOTE]

Me too. "Sir, can you show me where you keep the ankle weights?":aah:  

23 Jun 2006 22:46
the masterpiece
[QUOTE=cwshorns]shit i see a law suit! Good luck with the helaing process[/QUOTE]

i was about to mention that but who would u sue the company that made the bench/gym ??  

28 Jun 2006 10:26
The gym for not maintaining their equipment.  

28 Jun 2006 17:47

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