16 Weeks Out

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Weighed 239 this morning at 6am..I have an appt next thursday for the underwater bf test..I have till july first to add a few more lbs...Will have pics the whole way through...Storm  

20 May 2006 00:14
looking good there stormy.keep at it bro!  

20 May 2006 00:22
looking good as always, good work.  

20 May 2006 01:48
looks good man, keep us updated  

20 May 2006 01:51
Looks good bro...

ummm, Wheels???  

20 May 2006 01:52
Yea it was a fast one today just wanted to give a sneak peek..I wil have more pics as it goes the full mandatorys..Will get some pumped pics of the arms they usually hit close to 20 when I get them full..

Once I get on the contest diet things wil change alot as I get focused and on a sched..  

20 May 2006 02:30
What's your % bf brotha?  

20 May 2006 02:39
Not 100% sure I would guess no more then 9% but I will know for sure on thursday..  

20 May 2006 02:51
If that's nine I've never been at 10.  

20 May 2006 02:56
Matt Daniels
good stuff man your looking huge as always,can't wait to see more pics later on Bravo  

20 May 2006 06:35
Just holding a bit of water, in the mornings I have better abs veins in the legs calves as you can see form the arm pic no veins I am very vascular..I wil have pics soon enough to prove it..  

20 May 2006 07:28
thanks for the motivation! lookn swole!  

20 May 2006 07:32
lookin good bro. really lookin forward to seein you in 16 weeks! good luck. oh and where's the wheels!!  

20 May 2006 20:06
Wheels are coming as said just a sneak peek..I will have full mandatorys come first of july to start the 12 week contest prep and update pics every week to 10 days until baout 4 weeks out then update every week for sure if not every 5 days..  

20 May 2006 20:23
ooo impressive storm... as always. protein shake on u *clink*  

20 May 2006 21:05
looknig good bro keep us updated and good luck  

20 May 2006 22:46
I gootta fig out how to take beetr pics to show the condition I am in..I am sitting here with veins all through my legs and calves..Not sure if it is lighting or what but during my workouts I get vascular and you can see the striations inmy delts chest even in my tris..May be use a flash next time not sure will have to play with it..

I will know for sure come thursday what my bf fat is but for as many times as I have had it done I don't see it being above 9%..Storm  

20 May 2006 22:57
case in point here is my calf with the light hitting it right..I have veins like that all through both legs and calves..Hard to get the pic as when the light doesn't hit it right they just disapear...  

20 May 2006 23:02
dear god!  

20 May 2006 23:08
Good God man you are very vascular! Looking to be in great shape man.  

21 May 2006 06:47
damn, mad vascularrrr  

21 May 2006 19:08
wicked veinds bro you gotta be nice and lean ot have those popping liek that  

21 May 2006 20:22
Holy cow Man!!! You look awesome.. those veins are cool.. like those on the arms... Awesome.. keep it up.. :thumbs:  

22 May 2006 01:13
it takes allot of rice pudding to get that big.
looking good storm and looking forward to the next set.  

22 May 2006 02:40
Lookin good man!  

22 May 2006 02:46
Def going about it dif this time around I have been cruisnig a bit instead of gaining big I am going to have my prep guy adjst my diet and pour on the heat and make gains as I go though the 12 weeks so Plans are to nail 225 then fill out but if I am in good condition like I want to be and wiegh more I don;t have a problem with that..

I just thought it would be easier for me not to cram food down my gulet and try to keep sixe wheni can focu all of that during the 12 weeks make adjustments and not have to worry about droppin 30lbs..

Wil try to have better pics up next time so my condition shows..  

22 May 2006 04:07
good luck bro!  

22 May 2006 05:12
sounds like alot of work, but we all have faith in u storm....well i do.
woo go storm go!  

22 May 2006 18:05
[QUOTE=munequita]those veins are cool.. [/QUOTE]

Thats cause theres rice puddin flowin through them. :laughing:  

22 May 2006 18:15
Nice! ; - P  

24 May 2006 19:44
Ok back from the test a few hrs ago..I am 9.11% bf I weighed in at 238 over slept was really tired this morning..

The neat part is they have a graph that tels you what you would be as the bf% goes down and at 5% it had be wieghing in at 224.9 so that is with how I am now..Hell I ate 2x that much tuesday night in one meal..LOL

My eating has been wahtever I want when i want..So it has not been a good avg from day to day..Example tueday night I had 2 dbl cheese burgers fries and a choco shake then went by krispy creme and got a dozen and ate all of them..

So as you can see my eating has been pretty sporatic..My resting metabolic rate is 1.70 Kcal/min so for me to maintain what I am right now I need 2,448 Kcals a day..

So it is all looking good for me to do what I expect to..I will have me prep guy adjust so the goal is to add muacle as we go since I don't have alot of bf to lose or alot of mass..Shouls work out just like I plan as to weigh in at 225lbs and then fill out as much as I can after..

It is very possible I will be a spr hvy since I do plan to add a few lbs before july and with the changes I can make during the 12 weeks as long as my condition is where I want it there could be very little change in my weight so maybe in the 230's just have to see how it goes..

I like this idea alot better then carrying around 260+ so it will be a differnt prep and something new for me to try..Storm  

25 May 2006 21:13
how do you find your resting metabolic rate? (nevermind I found it at bodybuilding.com...mine is almost the same as yours at 1.68, but im fat)
sounds like a good plan man. wish i could eat like that and be 9%! Smile  

27 May 2006 20:23
UM i HAD TO SIT IN A CHAIR FOR 30MIN WITH A MASK ON MY FACE AND BREATHE INTO IT SO IT COLD CALCULATE IT..Opps caps sorry..I doubt an online equation is going ot be very accurate..Not 100% sure but I was hooked up to a CPU and that breathing machine so I would guess that has to be done to be accurate..  

27 May 2006 21:37
how tall are you storm? now that we know what they measured for bodyfat%, height and weight, we can put your info into the equation to check how accurate it is...  

27 May 2006 22:53
Just say 6' even I am 5'11 on one of the scale ht measuements but taped right at 6'..  

27 May 2006 23:57
Yea so it was wrong off by 800cals avg for the day..  

28 May 2006 00:03
damn.wish i could eat french fries and shit and get away with it.i learned my body won't let me.ahhh time for more grilled chicken.lol  

28 May 2006 02:46
I have always had a fast metabolism..It really takes alot for me to get fat..Even when I was off for 4 mths 1 1/2 years ago when I seperated from my finacee I couldntget below 235 and was around 11% maybe there were days I didn;t eat but once nor did I train worth a damn for that 4 mths..Lucky for good genetics and a solid base from years of hard work that really helps..  

28 May 2006 03:31
well i just upped my carbs to bulk for my cycle.6th week and finally kicking in.some weight gain but not enough.i haver to be careful cuz i put on fat real easy.only in my gut ,never anywhere else.wish to share some of your genes  

28 May 2006 05:02
Trailer Park Trash
Hey i just commneted on your update pics on another BBing board! Wink

(but you look just as impressive here) LOL  

01 Jun 2006 17:05
MORE PICS MORE PICS MORE PICS Wink where's your quads bro?  

04 Jun 2006 18:35
I will have full shot pics with the madatorys in a few weeks..That was just a sneak peek..  

04 Jun 2006 21:29
I wish you lots of luck on your goal.. I have faith you will hit it..!!! Looking forward to updated pics.. !!!  

05 Jun 2006 00:30
i know. but im bored of the sneak peak. PICS DAMN IT PICS! whats your stats? hope you're hitting targets. good luck. ive managed to get to 195lbs and looking ripped just ready for my vacation in 2 and a half weeks. done well. 14st1lb and ripped up is the best shape of my life :D  

07 Jun 2006 23:36
2 mre weeks..I am 5'11-6' been measured at both so who knows..  

08 Jun 2006 18:13
Trailer Park Trash
You look a lot taller than that! Well maybe it's just your overall massive appearance that makes you giant-like..  

08 Jun 2006 21:28
like a tank!  

27 Apr 2008 20:06
lots of muscle man,congrats,inspires me to stay focus at my routines,the only problem i am having is apetite it sucks but i think that i am loosing some belly fat ,so i am not to worried,great work.  

21 May 2008 04:31
WOW, Dude you have lost your mind talking like that!  

22 Oct 2008 01:32

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