anyone here compete?

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any competitors out there??? I haven't done a show in YEARS, but I think i will be getting back into it.  

20 Jun 2004 03:48
I hope you do bro. Ive never competed but always wanted to. I have loved the sport of bodybuilding ever since i saw the movie predator as a young child. Arnold was amazing.  

20 Jun 2004 03:56
yeah.. i seriosuly would like to get into it again but it might be hard with my job.

i am guessing now, i could get down to 195lbs @ 5'10, contest weight.  

20 Jun 2004 04:07
Cool bro. Natural shows or Like an NPC show? id love to do it someday bro. You miss it at all?  

20 Jun 2004 04:16

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