Me and Branch Warren

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just got back from the bb show and branch was the guest poser. he got off stage and jumped on the seats in front of me and my fiancee! it was sooooo tight. heres some pics off my phone and i got a couple really good ones (up close) with my digital that i'll try to post on here.
i look so much taller next to him....  

09 Apr 2006 08:55
not bad pics for a phone and cant wait to see the digital.
what a monster  

09 Apr 2006 09:00
yea he is. he was way cool. after the show i got that pic and talked to him for a minute. he only sleeps like 5 hours a night but he gets good sleep. found that was interesting.  

09 Apr 2006 09:07
that is interesting.i don't sleep too well.trying to work on it,but 5 hrs a night?and still a freak.amazing  

09 Apr 2006 14:03
ok i hate you. hahaha jk. you soo freeking lucky. branch is awsome.  

10 Apr 2006 05:09
damn that was cool
thats a big mother fugger  

12 Apr 2006 21:02

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