How to make IGF-1

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1)Mix 2.5g of powder with 50ml of bac water.

2)Take 1 ml of that and mix with 99ml of bac water.

You now have 100ml @ 500mcg/ml. The 1st bottle you made will be enough to brew 50 bottles. It can all be stored in the fridge or a drawer.  

13 Jun 2004 03:03
I am a little confused..It is a 2 part that you mix with bac water but part one says 50ml of bac and part 2 says 99ml that would be 149ml..Sorry I just don't get this one can you help a retard out?? I am use to getting 1mg of IGF in a 1ml solution of alcohol...  

13 Jun 2004 03:18
OK if you want to use 40mcg/day you could make a 40mcg/ml batch by mixing the 1ml you are getting with 24ml of bac water. Here's the math:

1mg IGF = 0.001g = 1000mcg/ml (1ml alcohol)

1000mcg/25ml = 40mcg/ml

That would give you 25 injections which is a little extra.  

13 Jun 2004 05:24
ya get what he means storm? or are ya still dumb from PST? (post show therapy)  

15 Jun 2004 05:36
Nah I can just plain be dumb at times...Doesn't mean I don;t know what going on...I think..Huh?? What?? Did you say something?? Who?? Me?? Okay...  

15 Jun 2004 06:30
:D :D

I know what ya mean  

15 Jun 2004 15:21
Let me know how it goes and post back with how the inject feels. That is the type of info that is useful to our members. I might have to try the stuff some time. Pre-made is just too  

16 Jun 2004 03:02
holy shit 2.5 grams? That's a lot of igf-1  

18 Jun 2004 18:16
Yeah. I didn't realize that it's dosed in mcg. I gave a better formula later in this thread.  

20 Jun 2004 14:12
Well normally when you get the poweder you have to get at least 5mg to get a good price..But yes normally you make up 1mg at a time considering doses range from 50-100mcg a day..Hey Candle can I get your take on how fast the IGF weakens over time when mixed..There is alot of debate about that so gimme your chemistry best...Storm  

24 Jun 2004 21:08
I haven't researched it, but I'd think it was simmiar to any compound of that nature. HCG & even creatine lose effectivness over time. It is due to the fragile compisition of the molecule. It tends to degenerate into radiance structures over short periods of time. The longer it sits, the more it degenerates. Since this isn't equalibreum chemistry the newly formed radiance structure can't be pushed back into the original reactants.  

25 Jun 2004 18:26
Oh yea, that is exactly what I was thinking..HUH?? Only radiance I know of is the one in my avatar...LOL...I get the jist candle I just like playing dumb...All the time...Storm  

25 Jun 2004 19:56
i know this is an old thread but i would like to mention that Bac Water i've heard degenerates the IGF. everyone is selling it with AA now. Actiec(?) Acid  

06 Oct 2006 22:09
reg bac wtaer has a little bit of acid in it..You are speaking of the ones that move the media-grade IGF which does need a stronger AA base of the purity of the media grade is not that high..Receptor grade IGF only needs bac water since you don't have to worry about the purity of it..

IGF/HGH degrades period once you mix it that is a given it is stable in wder form so that ahppens regardless of the product,  

08 Oct 2006 01:13
interesting. thanks for the info storm  

08 Oct 2006 23:43

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