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Does anyone here have any experience with this product? Just curious if the gear is legit because the lot#'s are the same on the injectables as they are on my orals? To me it looks like UG stuff that is "churched up".  

28 Mar 2006 01:16
It's good stuff. I have used damn near everything he has. NV is good stuff, cheap, and hardly any wait. I speak highly of him.  

28 Mar 2006 01:19
Thanks bro, that's what I figured.  

28 Mar 2006 01:21
cuts is running NV eq and test cyp i think  

28 Mar 2006 02:51
yep i is and its working awesome. like cani said, they are very good quality and really fast. i know there was some speculation they were a scam but i ordered alot and just got some clen in the mail so its a-ok  

28 Mar 2006 05:04

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