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I'm in need of a new workout plan. I've gained about 25-30 lbs. since last June and not all of the gains have been in the right places. ie spare tire. So now i'm basically looking to maintain the muscle that i've built up and get rid of the gut. Here's a few questions i have?

Is cardio every day okay?

How many days a week should I lift to maintain?

Should I do an all around workout on the days that I do lift and hit up each muscle group with one set?

Other ideas?



21 Mar 2006 23:13
Personally, if I were you, I wouldn't do cardio every day. especially if you are wanting to maintain muscle. I would start out with 3 days a week of cardio. See how that does and go from there. First and foremost though... if it is the gut you're trying to get rid of, I would get the diet in check. What does your diet look like?  

21 Mar 2006 23:54
psot your diet or what u paln ot eat and we'll hlep you out

then try cardio 3-4 dys a week and lifitng 3 days a week try to space em out so there is plenty of time between cardio and lifting sessions.

but get your diet dialed first  

22 Mar 2006 02:16
Currently my diet looks like this:

Meal 1 6am(pre-gym) - Bowl of cereal or oatmeal or veggie + eggwhite omlet

Meal 2 10am - Can of tuna mixed with miracle whip or Protein shake

Meal 3 noon - Chicken caesar salad

Meal 4 3pm - Protein shake w/ milk and strawberries

Meal 5 6pm - Steak and peas or shrimp/veggie stir-fry  

22 Mar 2006 02:52
what time do u trian at....

you need ot eat every 2-3 hours....

waht do u weigh?  

22 Mar 2006 03:07
I train in the mornings at 7am and occasionally at night around 10pm.

I'm 6'3" and weigh 215 lbs.  

22 Mar 2006 08:28
Get a shake with skim milk or some cottage cheese in at 9pm and the meal plan looks good. As for the workout you could do full body workouts with 3 sets per group of 10-12 reps and bust right through it fast with short rest between sets so your heart rate stays up. Gives you the benefit of cardio too. Then you could do cardio on non lifting days.  

22 Mar 2006 18:54
So i've been on this plan for about a month now and have noticed no results whatsoever. I'm hoping to get rid of this gut before summer but it's not looking too promising. Any more tips?  

24 Apr 2006 20:02
cut your calories and up your cardio intensity training.  

24 Apr 2006 23:18

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