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regarding all the questions surrounding him, I think his profile gives enough info. before we get all our information sorted out  

09 Mar 2006 04:16
messed up.  

09 Mar 2006 04:26
[QUOTE=CUTS]messed up. i hope he really isnt like that.[/QUOTE]

trust us(the staff at bbf) it's 100% true or it woludn't be posted.  

09 Mar 2006 04:29
This is why we put so much effort in stopping spammers and ppl asking questions on where to obtain things because ppl like TSM are looking for prey.  

09 Mar 2006 04:33
that is messed up.i hope he gets whats coming to him  

09 Mar 2006 05:06
thats so lame. how could you do that to someone? no integrity! no character!  

09 Mar 2006 05:07
whuta dbag.  

09 Mar 2006 05:22

09 Mar 2006 05:29
con artists go to great lengths...  

09 Mar 2006 05:32
i guess they do.  

09 Mar 2006 05:36
are you serious?
all along i thought he was decent.

****ing guy..  

09 Mar 2006 05:58
This just shows how most of the prople on the boards are fake or out to get something for free...

David Kendall (TSM) is a scamming shithead that is out for himself..I gave him a time limit to make this right and he has chosen to not produce the money he has stolen..

Always be wary of anyone who PM's you about a source god sources are few and far between and the few good ones out there are protected by the people who use them that is why they are good that is why they are still doing it..

Puink ass bitched like TSM are scared little cunts that have no pride no integrity no balls he was full of shit from the begining and we watched him the best we could..

We are now in the process of putting his name on any board he was a member on and letting them know he is a scammer..Little pussys like TSM get such a big head and love to brag about all the things they can do when in reality they are insecure bitches who can do nothing but steal ot make themselves feel better about the pathetic life they lead..

So again just b/c they have a bunch of posts and talk like they know alot about this lifestyle does not mean you can trust them..TSM is a prime example of how he puts up a front of who he is not to get the unsuspecting to send him money..Sucks but it happens alot so learn form this and hope that it does not happen to you..  

09 Mar 2006 06:15
what a fag. no wonder he wanted to whore it up so much, that way newbies would trust him more...i had talked with him many a time on AIM, but he hasn't signed on since he disappeared here. I guess it just goes to show, believe half of what you see, none of what you hear!  

09 Mar 2006 06:16
keep this bumped for the time being^^^  

09 Mar 2006 06:40
He uses that name on a few other boards too. Do you really think he spent months setting this one scam for $800 or maybe just fell on hard times and needed some money bad and saw an opportunity. Either way is wrong, I just dont think he deserves that much credit.  

09 Mar 2006 06:47
good post estray. i'm not turnin my back on this guy, YET, he has been with us for a long time - but obviously gonna keep an eye out  

09 Mar 2006 06:50
Im not really stickin up for him, I just doubt if this scam was the result of months of planning. People do stupid things when they find themselves in a bad position. I do remember him making a comment a couple of weeks back how he was pissed cause people owed him money and he could really use it at the time.  

09 Mar 2006 06:54
yea he mentioned to be he wasnt being paid at his job. or something along those lines. still doesnt give him a right to steal. people get desperate when they are broke  

09 Mar 2006 07:16
I remember him saying he was a hard money lender,eg. loan shark. I know he was in the lending biz, mortgage lending or so. So I know those things work on commission,so maybe his deals were not closing and he was needing money. But still gives him no right to do what he did.  

09 Mar 2006 07:24
If thatis the case then own up to it..I am not going to go into the entire detail of the scam but it is what it is and it was a scam..Everything that was told was a scam..Fckrs like that can't fool me it was only weeks before he was on all this HGH all this A-50 this test that gear give me a break you say only $825?? The if it was hard times seel your fckn gear and pay the guy back..Be a fckn man say this is what happened and I will do this and then do it..

It wasn't that way he made excuses and promised to give the money back ot in his words "it is the right thing to do" which means he had every intention ot take the money..

He was hading out addys for sources why didn't the source take the funds? Don't turn your back on him?? He was here for a long time he was a lying bitch he lied so much I caught him in several contradictions on what he bragged about..

He stole the money thatis the bottomline and he dragged it out I gave him an chance to make it right and he produced nothing belive it he is a thief and that is all that matters if you want to belive otherwise then feel free to pay back the $825 he owes I am sure he will appreciate it...

Shit on top of that it wasn't even a week before we were notified he posted in the mod section he wanted to know where to find IGF..Gee I wonder where he would get money like that to buy IGF...  

09 Mar 2006 07:25
its pathedic...sorry that unlucky person had to be his victim. lets be done with this fck  

09 Mar 2006 07:28
Just checked 2-21-06 TSM scammer posted about wanting to find a place to buy IGF..2-28-06 I was notified about the scam and that it had been going on for 4 weeks...

So he owes money he keeps saying he is going to pay him back yet he is on here looking for a place to buy IGF...

Yea great guy real honest fell on hard times didn;t have any money...Please.....  

09 Mar 2006 07:29
Probably bought $825 worth of IGF.  

09 Mar 2006 07:31
Thats exactly what I was thinkin!  

09 Mar 2006 07:33
its like a drug addict!!  

09 Mar 2006 07:33
Exactly. Maybe he developed a steroid habit he couldnt afford.  

09 Mar 2006 07:37
maybe he needed boob implants for his sex change...we'll never know  

09 Mar 2006 07:38
guys quit this bullshit posting "he said he was owed, he said he wasnt getting paid..."

being an honest person would be coming forward and sort everything out... the fact is he has scammed a member of nearly 1000 dollars (would be that much in Canadidan dollars) he has disapeared on the boardds when he was an actice member on here daily...  

09 Mar 2006 07:38
You misunderstand me when I say that. All Im saying is I doubt he spent 9 months of his life here and countless hours of posting and warmung up to everybody for one time payoff of $800. Thats ridiculous. He saw an opportunity and took it. Plus he was posting on other boards under the same name so hes ****ed there too. . He's still a lowlife. I dont know, maybe he did. Maybe he has nothing at all better to do...  

09 Mar 2006 07:47
I agree with your posts, but as far as making excuses, and making theories is not fine because the fact is he took the money, and he would not try to work things out... plain and simple

[QUOTE=CUTS]yea he mentioned to be he wasnt being paid at his job. or something along those lines. [/QUOTE]
[QUOTE=estray] People do stupid things when they find themselves in a bad position. I do remember him making a comment a couple of weeks back how he was pissed cause people owed him money and he could really use it at the time.[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE=estray] or maybe just fell on hard times and needed some money bad and saw an opportunity. [QUOTE]  

09 Mar 2006 08:14
I got ya AB. Its just kinda of human nature to try and figure out why people do the ****ed up things they do.  

09 Mar 2006 08:17
are you serious?
all along i thought he was decent.

****ing guy..[/QUOTE]

surprising what some people will do on here to win over the trust of people... like storm has posted, most people on the internet forums are full of shit..  

09 Mar 2006 08:20
BTW estray you have a PM  

09 Mar 2006 08:27
yea your probley right, i just dont wanna add to the hype of hating a member i've known - if i cant even really hear it from him...

it would be low and seems pathetic... i just dont know. it is a really fncked up situation and its gettin me pretty fnckin pissed... if that was me i'd be so fncked up feeling, i dont even have a car and i'm 22yrs old... i'm fnckin poor so if that was me, i'd hunt him down... i feel mad and real bad about this guys fnckin $  

09 Mar 2006 08:43
he told me he's a securities trader. last time he was on AIM and I talked to him, he said he got a new job, and then he disappeared. that was around the beginning of the month. He's prolly full of shit on both counts...he's told many people many different things, sure sign of a liar....  

09 Mar 2006 17:25
Its called being a selective scammer guys..Don't doubt it for a second he builds up a fake rep with post counts manily he PM's members about a source as he has done with a bunch of people and he picks and chooses who he scams...

You see he can make it how he wanst even with the source that could be good so a few members get what they want theyin turn say hey I got what I ordered so there is a hollow trust built up..

I have been doing this for a long time guys but don;t be fooled by shit like this it is all a set up by doing it this way he can pick and choose when he wants to scam..You see alot of scams go unheard of I mean what are you going to do call the cops cry like a bitch??

He picked the wrong board to do it on and with the wrong staff I do not take kindly to shit like this I hate a fckn thief..So please read between the lines he could have very well scammed seceral people off a few boards nobody knows unless they stand-up and say something...Open your eyes folks I can't explain it any easier then that..  

09 Mar 2006 20:27
bump. gotta be NV that people are referring to. a few people get what they ordered, hell i got the very small clen order ($50), surely just to lure me in to buy gear there...which i never did!  

09 Mar 2006 21:17
i got my stuff there. you think they are a scam??  

09 Mar 2006 21:22
yep. he told too many people about that source via PM. I only ordered a small amount of clen for two to test the source to see if it was legit, and two because i wasn't ready for gear. I think you might have been the first one from the board to place a big order, so he sent it to you, so others would follow suit...  

09 Mar 2006 21:32
i really wish cannibal would post something in this (no offense if you're stand-up) def raises some suspiscion of him as well. (living close and actually meeting him...)  

09 Mar 2006 21:34
true... good point  

09 Mar 2006 21:38
hmmm, this sucks...  

09 Mar 2006 21:57
Canibal is good he does not want to get in the middle of it which is fine I have spoken with him and he really couldn't help much anyways I already had most of TSM info anyways...  

09 Mar 2006 22:05
ok cool. i apologize to him...  

09 Mar 2006 22:14
this whole thing just sucks, you know, you take people for their word, because that's all we have to go on here, and then someone gets screwed around by someone we all think we can trust. Let this be a learning experience for all of us!  

09 Mar 2006 23:05
I know %$%^& wants his money and I understand and I'll do my best.  

09 Mar 2006 23:18
Sorry about that last one...  

10 Mar 2006 00:03
Lets get all of it figured out and time will tell...  

10 Mar 2006 01:24
[QUOTE=Storm]Canibal is good he does not want to get in the middle of it which is fine I have spoken with him and he really couldn't help much anyways I already had most of TSM info anyways...[/QUOTE]

I wasn't expecting all of this.  

10 Mar 2006 01:32
canni is mad cool.. he is a sweetheart...  

10 Mar 2006 01:35
cannibal. i sincerely and personally apologize for bringing your name up on this thread. it was human nature, but still uncalled for.  

10 Mar 2006 03:02
funny thing is someone that was banned a while ago gave me the same source tsm did.strange right?  

10 Mar 2006 04:17
There is alot of stuff going on right now and its on a need to know basis,so please be patient with the staff.We will share the info as it comes to sight on the outcome.
And please keep this thread clean to all the other members too.Everyone of you is pitching in help here and there and it is helping us greatly.We thank you all for standing together as a board and team and family.This will makes us a closer family here as we watch each others backs for crap like this.
I'm sure TSM is starting to feel the heat now.............and more soon to come.  

10 Mar 2006 04:21
true.this place is like a family to me.even though i wasn't the one who got scammed,i still feel like one of my brothers stabbed me in the know?  

10 Mar 2006 04:51
Well he did that is what sucks and how he plays it out..I wil post up some more info in a bit about him showing how he is still lying through his teeth with his excuses...

He is done on the boards since even if he pays up he will still be remebered as a scammer and his MO on the boards is to post up pics brag be an attention whore and gain trust to lure someone in..

His pics will be all over the boards as a scammer so he will never be able to be a member the way he wants to be b/c of what he has done..  

10 Mar 2006 04:55

10 Mar 2006 04:55
wtf holy shit i thought he was cool i looked up to him........i was gone for a week and i come back to see tsm banned and a scammer ****ed up.......can u guys like post up exactly what he did ((im really slwo and cant read between lines well)) he scammed sumeone for 827 dollars how the hell do u get scammed? **so confused**  

10 Mar 2006 07:49
I'm just going to say it now...Keep me out of this sh*t. I want nothing to do with it and I have nothing to do with it.  

10 Mar 2006 09:01
ok,ok canibal.don't bite our head off!!jk bro we love ya.we know you had nothing to do with it  

10 Mar 2006 09:10
Cani, no connection between you two. We have already made that clear to the members.No one is to drag you in any mud............and if anyone thinks differently, WE"LL deal with them.  

10 Mar 2006 09:20

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