Help with Sus 250 recipe????

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For you home brewers, 150ml sus 250mg/ml using the following 15g test decaanate, 9g test isocaproate, 9g test phenylpropionate and 4.5 test propionate, 7.5 t0 8 ml/BA and 15ml BB, rest oil to come up with a total of 150ml. however :banghead: accidently used 9g of test propionate instead of 4.5g,
Would this make any big difference in the end product. and would this still be considered Sus 250>  

27 Feb 2006 02:44
it'll be fine. techinically its now sust 280 though. it now contains per ml---60mg prop, 60 phenylprop, 60 iso, 100 dea. should be a fine product to shoot eod...  

27 Feb 2006 06:12
Hey Amerfootball, this may a dumb question, could you tell me how u came up with these numbers. thanks  

27 Feb 2006 19:56
sure no prob. you have 150ml... so you take the amount of each powder you mixed and divide it by 150 to find how much mg per ml...

so here it goes...

15000mg test deca/150ml=100mg per ml
9000mg of test iso/150ml=60mg per ml
9000mg of test phenyl prop/150ml=60mg per ml
9000mg of test prop/150ml=60mg per ml

100mg or test deca+60mg of test iso+60mg of test phenyl prop+60mg of test prop=280mg of test per ml.

a very easy way to figure your mistake though is that normal sust 250 gets its name from a blend of 250 mg/ml of test. normally 100mg/ml of test deca, 60mg/ml of test iso, 60mg/ml of test phenyl prop, and 30mg/ml of test prop. since you used exactly double the normal amount of test prop in the batch, just mutilpy the amount of test prop per ml by 2. I am happy to help with any questions you may have, but perhaps you should rethink if you really should be i said before, that would be a very decent product. prop is a short ester so pct would be the same as sust 250...  

27 Feb 2006 21:09
Thanks for the info bro, still learning and like they say, learning something new everyday! Smile  

27 Feb 2006 21:39
No Prob  

27 Feb 2006 23:18
Im impressed amer!  

28 Feb 2006 03:18
thanks.i was always kind of a math geek, but his problem is very simple. I may not be physically ready for gear, but i am definately mentally ready.  

28 Feb 2006 05:37
thats better than just sticking yourself then finding out. that seems to be what everyone is doing.  

28 Feb 2006 06:50
Do you still get the synergistic effect since the chemistry is now changed. Isnt 30g ml the magic number for prop?  

28 Feb 2006 07:42
you should still get the effects. IMO 30mg is the minimum for it. the test will hit a little sooner and probably keep test levels even more even keeping in the eod tradition of sust...  

28 Feb 2006 17:07
A little mistake and we all learn, always glad to see there are those who can help others on this board. keep the information flowin!  

28 Feb 2006 19:52
i would venture to say that it might even be an improvement...  

01 Mar 2006 03:38

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