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Hey guys need a little help. Just converted my fina and never thought about proper storage between injections. Could not find any good info quick. Closet or fridge? Please dont tell me fridge. That would kinda suck.:confused:  

20 Feb 2006 04:23
just store it in my pocket playa ;)

i think its ok in your closet too tho  

20 Feb 2006 04:25
Good thing. Warming it up every other day would suck.  

20 Feb 2006 04:34
acually i've heard that refrigerated injections can help ease the pain from some injections, so i dont think it would be bad to keep it in the frig... like possibly from T400, ect.  

20 Feb 2006 04:38
I normally leave it in a dark cool place.  

20 Feb 2006 05:49
bignready a shoe box would do fine  

20 Feb 2006 06:06
Closet,if you put it in the fridge the oil will thicken making a longer time to inj.  

20 Feb 2006 06:35
[QUOTE=regino007]Closet,if you put it in the fridge the oil will thicken making a longer time to inj.[/QUOTE]

Thats what i was thinking. Thanx everyone:thumbs:  

20 Feb 2006 16:35
rob,people freeze the needles for less painful injects.not the juice.some actually heat the juice to thin it out a little  

20 Feb 2006 19:45
dont put gear in the fridge... Do you put your olive oil in the fridge? why would you put your gear in the fridge?  

22 Feb 2006 02:36
so it doesnt spoil  

22 Feb 2006 02:41
give it up...  

22 Feb 2006 02:52
in your safe  

22 Feb 2006 05:51
[QUOTE=bignready] a shoe box would do fine[/QUOTE]

Exactly what I do with my junk...LOL
Rights beside the jizz socks...Hehehe

Refridgerating will absolutely thicken it....hard to press through a pin...  

23 Feb 2006 04:00
i see, yeah just freeze the pins. hey learn sumthin everyday...

i keep my needles and juice in my desk drawer Wink now dont go stealin it!  

23 Feb 2006 04:05
Keep it in your pocket :D  

23 Feb 2006 04:06
No one can top this. You can keep it at my house.... That's the best idea I have heard on here.  

23 Feb 2006 04:10
oh yeah, then when i got home from work it would be all nice and warm from my body heat and the oil would be thin and easy to inject... good post cani, never woulda thought Wink harty har har  

23 Feb 2006 04:15

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