Anyone catch UFC 57?

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Not sure if any of you are in the fight game, but Liddell v Couture 3 was a damn decent card. Even though I wanted Randy to take a 5 round decision, I bet that Liddell had a KO in his bag for Couture in the middle of the second round.
I was a bit disappointed with Mir's return. I was anxious to see a Mir v Arlovski bout.
Any opinions about up coming fights....Griffin/Ortiz or St. Pierre/Franklin?  

06 Feb 2006 07:42
I watched it it was a good card

I want ot see griffen bad the piss outta ortiz

and I think umean loiseau and franklin... I want my canadian boy to bring it  

06 Feb 2006 07:50
yes I watched it at a buddys place....

boring fight IMO...

I find the heavys are the best to watch because its just a pure slugg fest... liddel/couture fight they were a bit too cautious so it was boring... things never really opened up  

06 Feb 2006 07:59
Canada vs USA will be great to watch.... march 4th i beleive its on  

06 Feb 2006 08:00
Thanks for correction Smallguy....thinking one canadian, said another! Franklin is crafty, but those elbows of Loiseau are nasty!
Yeah, I'm hoping that Griffin pummels Ortiz.
I'm also interested in seeing the Hughes/Gracie matchup. That was something I never would have expected.  

06 Feb 2006 08:28
Yeah I watched it at a sports bar. Chuck vs Randy was kind of dissapointing. I was expecting a better fight and I wanted the natural to win but he had to slip. st. pierre vs franklin should be an amazing fight, but if I were to bet money I'd say pierre. There were a bunch of drunk people in the bar screamig CHUCK NORRIS. It was hilarious.  

06 Feb 2006 20:15
Watched it at a bros house. Pretty good.
We should put a wager on the Canada vs. USA match huh?  

06 Feb 2006 21:46
I think Chuck Norris will be in UFC 58....vs Jean Claude Van Damme!  

07 Feb 2006 00:12
every ufc gets better and better. i almost shed a tear when randy threw his gloves in.  

07 Feb 2006 03:30
[QUOTE=regino007]Watched it at a bros house. Pretty good.
We should put a wager on the Canada vs. USA match huh?[/QUOTE]
im all about wagers. i don't know shit about UFC it fixed like every other sport?  

07 Feb 2006 05:29
[QUOTE=AMERFOOTBALL]im all about wagers. i don't know shit about UFC it fixed like every other sport?[/QUOTE]
not at all.
pure 1 on 1 mixed martial arts competition.
i started watching UFC from the beginning and i think it is the most entertaining sport out there, plus its safer than boxing.
many wagers in vegas on fight night.  

11 Feb 2006 06:10
Yea no fixes in the UFC excpet for who fights who been plenty of politcs played there like the Penn/St Pierre bullshit...ALways good stuff especailly when you get the top guys against each other then anybody can win...  

11 Feb 2006 07:27
in utah there is the ultimate fighting and its about 50/50 on good fights. but i like watchin it on sundays  

11 Feb 2006 10:44
Storm, you have seen some of the fights in person in vegas, right?
im hoping to get to at least one this year in AC
i could imagine the rush  

11 Feb 2006 21:52
The prices for the good seats are actually reasonable.  

16 Feb 2006 03:43
was that you tsm that used to live/work/play out there? i thought it was storm.  

16 Feb 2006 05:55
no, that was me. I lived in Vegas. I wouldn't call what I did work however.  

17 Feb 2006 01:07
Female impersonator???  

17 Feb 2006 19:25
bad ass bouncer and pimp.  

18 Feb 2006 08:13
I am not one to go to big crowd events I much prefer a PPV best seat in the house without all the retards...  

18 Feb 2006 09:07
[QUOTE=Storm]I am not one to go to big crowd events I much prefer a PPV best seat in the house without all the retards...[/QUOTE]
thats true ppv gets the cam right up in there but i would like to feel the power of the house.  

18 Feb 2006 09:44
Problem is the power of the house has to many punks ass wannabes in it...That is the problem with a good thing it gets mobbed by the avg public and they swarm venues like that and BBing expos and ruin it for thos os us that live the lifestyle or have been with it since the begining...  

18 Feb 2006 09:56
i guess you have that everywhere. coming out of the theater from fast and the furious:every wannabe pulling shots flying around. i went to see a wwf and same thing, everyone wanted to fight each other after the matches. i could imagine the amout of these punks you see.
at least most of the mma students are strictly taught when to use it. its the wannabes as you said that cause the probs. i highly respect these guys (ufc)and would love to meet any one of them.  

18 Feb 2006 10:09
Hey people, dont mean to interrupt but I have a story I figured would be a good ice breaker - My friend was taking a Muay Thai Class and he said that one of his teachers names was Jermain Andre. I recognized his name and went through my collection of Ultimate Knockouts - he was on #2 getting knocked Lance Gibson. I'm about to signup to take his muay thai class here but everytime I see him I see that KO again.  

18 Feb 2006 17:51
i know what youre sayin bleeke and storm. out in utah we have "straight edgers" who are actually a bunch of mormon kids who jump other kids who drink and smoke. seriously they ruin all the shows out here and they call themselves straight edgers when they dont even know the history behind being a straight edger!! its ****in stupid!!  

18 Feb 2006 19:46
they ruin it for the true straight edgers. the se's are or where true punk fans, if there are any left.  

18 Feb 2006 19:56

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