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what i ate today. Im just gonna post my daily meals so anyone can critique. Im 5-10 169 lbs 15%bf and trying to bulk up 10 or 15 lbs.

8:30-oatmeal, whey shake in milk,banana
11:30-can tuna on multigrain bread, cup yogurt, cup milk
2-peanut butter sandwich, cup milk, 2 scoops whey
4-cottage cheese, 3 hardboiled eggs
6-linguine w/clam sauce, milk
7:30 1cup healthy choice ice cream-not sure if this is good or not. would like opinions. 100 calories,1.5g fat, 18g carb, 3g protein. sweetened with splenda, no sugar added. Low on the gi scale, has maltodextrin. seems like it would be good PW
8:00 1 scoop whey

thats it so far. i usually stay up till 12 or so so i got 4 good hours of eatin left.
thoughts, remarks.


20 Jan 2006 04:10
Doesn't seem like too much food for a bulker. Of course your 15% bodyfat and I'm sure not wanting to get any fatter.

However, there just isn't much food in there. How bout some chicken, beef, steak, etc... Veggies are good in the evenings too. But I don't put too much merit into them as Ronnie Coleman admittedly doesn't eat veggies. But he does eat sick amounts of lentils (beans) which I can't even think about. I would blow up!  

20 Jan 2006 04:16
8:30 chicken breast, broccoli

2800 calories 276g protein 328g carb 28g fat so far for the day. plan to get another 800 calories or so in before bed. I like veggies, ill try to get some more in there tsm. i like beans too, refried espec. mix them with ground beef in mexican dishes to get the fat down by using less beef. Easing my way into this. trying to hit 4000 cal day but im just so damn full all the time. :thumbs:  

20 Jan 2006 04:47
10:00pm can tuna on 1 slice bread

11:00pm whey shake, 2tbsp nat peanut butter, 1 cup milk

3401 calories 344g protein 377g carb 63g fat for the day. Sure seems like more. I feel like I had a fork in my hand all day long.  

20 Jan 2006 07:26
ok ok... s.w.a.t. Wink  

20 Jan 2006 07:35
What, that movie with colin farrell, that sucked. Smile  

20 Jan 2006 07:50

830 oatmeal, protein shake w/milk banana
1030 2pc peanut butter toast, skim milk
1200 can tuna
130 turkey sandwich, yogurt, milk
330 8 oz chicken breast fajita style in low carb wrap
500- protein shake in milk
700- 8 oz venison, red potatos, milk
815 yogurt, prot shake in milk
830 1hr cardio workout- skipping regular friday workout of bi's and back to go play hockey. will do weights tomorrow.  

21 Jan 2006 04:18
1100 4 tbsp peanut butter, skim milk,yogurt

daily totals
3568 cal, 402g prot, 314g carb, 79g fat  

21 Jan 2006 08:29
hey i am not a movie :D  

21 Jan 2006 11:17
[QUOTE=estray]1100 4 tbsp peanut butter, skim milk,yogurt

daily totals
3568 cal, 402g prot, 314g carb, 79g fat[/QUOTE]

This is absolutely beautiful!!!! Eat like this every day and watch what happens. Remember to train to failure on no more than 2 sets per muscle group. Do this each time you hit the gym and take a day off in between each workout. Watch yourself grow!!!  

21 Jan 2006 11:30
how does he get 402 grams of protein?? what does he use? does it become in total from all the food he ate????  

21 Jan 2006 11:45
[QUOTE=S.W.A.T.]how does he get 402 grams of protein?? what does he use? does it become in total from all the food he ate????[/QUOTE]

The post before it had most of my food for the day.
Lots of lean meat. Over one pound of meat in a day. supp with 3 shakes.  

21 Jan 2006 17:50
Just got back from the store with a new desktop computer. been nursin the old one along but it finally died today. Its amazing how we cant live without these things. Heres what I ate today. I feel like im growing but at the same time I feel quite bloated. anyone else feel like this when bulking?

800 oatmeal, protein shake, skim milk, pb toast
1100 4 eggwhites, one yolk, wheat bread,
1200 shake, skim milk, yogurt
100 apple, pb sandwich
300 8oz broiled fish, 1 cup brown rice
600 wet burrito(low carb tortilla, 3oz beef,cheese,tomato,lettuce,onion) refried beans, shake
800 shake
930 tuna on 1 slice multigrain bread
1030 cup skim milk, 2 tbsp peanut butter, shake

3433 cal, 316g prot, 324g carb, 91g fat

Need more protein

25 Jan 2006 06:23
on the menu today

800 24gshake, milk, 2pc peanutbutter toast
1100 24g shake, tuna sand
100 8oz venison, yogurt
400 24g shake, apple
630 chili, milk
830 egg salad sand, yogurt
900 leg workout
1000 50g pwo shake, 3 muskateers
1200 50g shake, milk, 2 tbsp pb

3737 calories 429g protein 328g carb 77g fat

I wonder if im eating too much. im always hungry so i figure i better listen to my body.  

26 Jan 2006 08:09
your bulking, it's never too much  

26 Jan 2006 08:13
dont u get tired of eating the same thing?? i see that u keep eating the same thing everyday and a couple of times a day. i somehow cant eat somehing more than 2 times a day, i just dont feel like it.  

26 Jan 2006 14:11
i used to have trouble eating the same meats each day/weak but after a while i just thought of what it does for me...not what it tastes like, i now scoff down anything, i forgot what taste is :screwy:

26 Jan 2006 16:59
you find different ways to prepare the same foods. for example, some days i might eat chicken breast chopped up in rice, or by itself with the rice on the side, or in a salad with fat free dressing. on another note, seems like a lot of shakes estray...almost half of your protein is coming from shakes  

26 Jan 2006 16:59
[QUOTE=AMERFOOTBALL]you find different ways to prepare the same foods. for example, some days i might eat chicken breast chopped up in rice, or by itself with the rice on the side, or in a salad with fat free dressing. on another note, seems like a lot of shakes estray...almost half of your protein is coming from shakes[/QUOTE]

Yeah, is that bad? I would like to get it from real food but protein is protein isnt it?  

26 Jan 2006 17:02
[QUOTE=S.W.A.T.]dont u get tired of eating the same thing?? i see that u keep eating the same thing everyday and a couple of times a day. i somehow cant eat somehing more than 2 times a day, i just dont feel like it.[/QUOTE]

honestly I like all these foods im eating. I could eat peanut butter toast with a glass of milk 6 times a day and never get sick of it. But i do vary the way I prepare like amer said. For chicken i use barbeque sauce, salsa, lemon pepper, and mexican seasoning like fajita seas. not much you can do with fish cept broil it to keep it straight up to keep it healthy.  

26 Jan 2006 17:08
[QUOTE=estray]Yeah, is that bad? I would like to get it from real food but protein is protein isnt it?[/QUOTE]

the protein in whole foods is digested at different rates than the whey you get in shakes. its not necessarily "bad", but it doesn't hurt to trade one of those shakes for another chicken breast...  

26 Jan 2006 18:21
Got ya. Your body can probably break down a liquid shake alot quicker than a peice of meat. makes sense.  

26 Jan 2006 18:42
bingo. shakes are perfect for pwo, but not the best pre-bedtime.  

26 Jan 2006 18:56
todays grub

oatmeal, 2pcs pb toast, 50g shake, milk
tuna sand, milk, yogurt
2 cups chili, banana
50g shake, egg salad
spaghetti, chicken breast, milk
ice cream fat free
wendys ultimate chicked sand.
I see a couple of beers in my near future.  

27 Jan 2006 04:06
estray what do u think of this??

The Benefits Of Adding Eggs Into Your Diet

6 Egg Whites And 2 Yolks In The Morning Are Going To Provide The Body With:
26.5 grams of protein.
Zero carbohydrates.
5.23 grams of fat 2.7 grams of that is unsaturated fat (good fats).
153 calories.

Add A Bowl Of Oats, One Banana & 2 Tablespoon Of Flaxseed Oil To Get:

39 grams of Protein
78 grams of Carbohydrates
48 grams of fat amazingly only 4 grams of this fat is saturated (bad fat).
A total of 900 calories

The Above Meal Three Times A Day Equals:

117 grams of protein
234 grams of carbohydrates
144 grams of fat which only 12 grams is saturated
A total of 2700 calories

Add A Protein Bar In-Between One Of Those Meals:
(I'll use Power Bar protein plus bar as my example)

24 grams of Protein
38 grams of Carbohydrates
5 grams of fat which, 3.5 grams is saturated
Total Calories 295

This Ends Up Calculating To:

141 grams of Protein
272 grams of Carbohydrates
149 grams of Fat which 15.5 grams is saturated
Total calories 2995

Add A Post Work Out Shake & You Get:

50 grams of Protein
80 grams of Carbohydrates
Total calories 520

Add In 2 Liters Of Milk Throughout The Day:

66 grams of protein
94 grams of carbohydrates
72 grams of fat 46 grams coming from saturated
1280 calories

Add 300 Grams Of Tuna With 1 Cup Of Broccoli:

64 grams of protein
10 grams of carbohydrates
6 gram of fat 1 gram coming from saturated sources
350 calories

At The End Of The Day You Will End Up With:

321 grams of protein
431 grams of carbohydrates
227 grams of fat out of all that fat we only have 62.2 grams of saturated
Total Calories for the Day 5051

Now who said clean bulking isn't easy?

The Many Ways To Cook Your Eggs

Micro waved

27 Jan 2006 14:50
that seems like an aful lot of fat, good or not all that fat isn't necessary...  

27 Jan 2006 17:35
i think its good for those that are skinny and want to grow fast.  

28 Jan 2006 05:06
Thats alot of eggs. Lot of fat too. Youre probably right about it being good for a skinny person looking to grow fast.  

30 Jan 2006 03:55
Ate alot of Sh*t this weekend. Went away to go skiing and ended up knocking back some beers and eatin some za. I did take protein shakes with me though. I still got 300 plus grams of prot day just alot more junk. Heres what i ate today.

2cups oaatmeal
50g shake, milk
ultimate chicken grill sandwiches, chili, diet pepsi
50g shake, milk
tuna sandwich
3 slices pizza, breadstix, 50g shake
milk, 3 tbsp pbutter

pretty much ate like that friday and sat too except add on a 6 pack of beer each day. I did ski all day saturday which burnt a load of cals so I ate more food and more often.  

30 Jan 2006 05:43
weighed in today for first time since I started this 2 weeks ago. 176 lbs, up from 168 so I gained 8 lbs. Not sure where its at. Its not in my waist though as that still measures 35 inches.  

30 Jan 2006 19:15
[QUOTE=estray]Thats alot of eggs. Lot of fat too. Youre probably right about it being good for a skinny person looking to grow fast.[/QUOTE]

i eat 6 eggs a day. 6 whites with 2 yolks. eggs are sooooo cheap. its grrrreat!  

30 Jan 2006 19:31
the masterpiece
i didn't know u could cook eggs in the microwave first time i have ever heard of that in my life  

30 Jan 2006 20:33
Yeah man, personally i don't do it, but you can. make sure you do it right, though or they will explode...  

30 Jan 2006 20:42
yeah, try mixing in a little milk with em too or they get real dry.  

30 Jan 2006 21:37
on the menu today.

oatmeal, 50g shake, pb toast
tuna sandwich, milk
yogurt, 50g shake
tuna noodle casserole, milk
ultimate grill chicken sand. , chili, diet pepsi
milk, 4tbsp peanut butter
cottage cheese, 50g shake, yogurt,

got some broken blood vessels in my shoulders,armpit area from sundays chest workout. I guess that means it was a good one!  

01 Feb 2006 07:21
well ive been eatin about 3500-4000 cal day. I would think that after 3 weeks of averaging about 1000 cal day surplus I would be packin it on, but im only at 175. started at 168. I was actually at 176 like 6 days ago so Ive lost a pound this week. 3 or 4 pounds is probably water. i could lose it overnight if i went back to a cutting diet. If I were eating 1000 extra day with high carbs I would get fat in no time. Wheres this extra 1000 cal/day going? Im making strength gains so thats good I guess.:confused:

03 Feb 2006 23:21
It was superbowl sunday, what do you expect:D

Oatmeal, 2pcs pb toast, shake
tuna sand, milk, yogurt
2 roast beef sandwiches, swedish meatballs, 6 hot wings
12 pack beer
turkey sandwich, meatballs, 6 peanut butter cookies

5000 cal, 300g prot, 390g carb, 105g fat  

06 Feb 2006 18:26
Ive gained 9lbs so far. Changed my workout routine today too. Going with full body workouts 3 times a week for next month to try to increase volume. I feel like im undertraining. Heres what I did today

Flat bench 4x12
preacher curls 4x12
squats 4x12
military press 4x12
deadlifts 4x12
lat pulldowns 4x12

food so far today
oatmeal, milk, 2pc toast peanut butter
shake, milk
tuna sandwich
yogurt, cottage cheese
pwo shake and cocoa puffs, milk
chicken, pasta, green beans, milk  

09 Feb 2006 03:32
Hit a new pr today on bench! I had switched to dumbells for about 3 weeks to try and get unstuck and decided to switch back this week to barbell and see if i had gone up and boom, did 2 sets of 7 with a weight I was struggling to put up 2 times 3 weeks ago!

Knocked back almost a whole jar of natty peanut butter today too!

4100 cal 385g prot, 415g carbs, 91g fat  

13 Feb 2006 07:44
Weighed in at 180 today. Bi's have grown 3/4 of an inch. Back is looking more muscular and defined too. Waist still same. I guess im gonna do this for another 4 weeks then cut. Goin to florida mid april and want to be lean, like 10%.  

14 Feb 2006 19:50
i only weigh 198 and im in taking 5k+ per day, and around 400 protein per day.

If that FB workout works for you then great, but IMO you cant put on the big weight without moving the big weight, and you cant do that by doing 12 reps.  

14 Feb 2006 22:13
What I think im gonna do is every 3rd workout(once a week) go heavey on the last(4th) set and do 6-8 instead of 12. Then I get volume and heavy. I did it this past week and it seemed to work good.  

15 Feb 2006 05:49
Let us know how it works out bro!  

16 Feb 2006 00:52
I can tell you what, I went heavy on the last sets on sunday and tonight I felt it. My body wasnt ready to do those same parts again after 2 days rest even with the lighter weight. When I was doin bench It felt like I had a strain in my shoulder.  

16 Feb 2006 07:24

More gains and new PR on bench. Weight gain is now 17lbs as im up to 185lbs.

145x12x 3sets

Db flyes

ham curls
65x12 4sets

upright rows
65x12 4 sets

60x12 4sets

210 x 12 4 sets
335 x 6

lat pulldowns
80x12 4 sets
120 x 6  

21 Feb 2006 04:59
I think im gonna cut this bulk short. Ive gained 20lbs in around 7 weeks and my bf didnt go up a whole lot. Gonna start cutting today for 8 weeks and try to get down around 10%.The plan is 2400 cal day and the workout schedule will be this:
mon-Chest, tris
tues-morn cardio
thurs-morn cardio
fri-back, bi's
sat off
sun-morn cardio

After 8 weeks of cutting, i plan to go on a test only cycle for 12 weeks. Any suggestions, comments?  

28 Feb 2006 02:14
where do you plan to be at the end of the cycle. nice job so far man. i don't know what your goals are but i would stay on the bulk for a while yet. get to 200 @ 15% so you can be 190 @ 10% then after the cycle, you should have no problem being 205 @ 8-9ish  

28 Feb 2006 02:25
My end goal for the cycle is 195 @10%. Im goin to florida in the middle of april and I dont want to be carryin any extra weight with me on the beach otherwise I would keep going. Plus, Im just sick of eating all so much food! I actually weigh 193 right now @16%bf. I know I said I started at 168 but I found out my scale is 5lbs light so I was really 173. If I lose 13lbs fat I would be 180lbs @10 percent. From there I think I could get to 195 or 200 easily with gear. Thats what im hopin!  

28 Feb 2006 02:32
193 @ 16% now, you will have no problem getting to 195 @ 10%. hell you could prob do it natty by middle of april!  

28 Feb 2006 03:06
Well see. Hahaha. I just cant eat anymore. I need a break!  

28 Feb 2006 03:13
i understand. cutting is ok for a while, but it gets old quick. let me tell you. been cutting for a long time now.  

28 Feb 2006 05:50
Haha. Its funny, I used to diet at 1200-1500 cal day. Even that low, wasnt really hungry all the time. Now at 2400 cal day, Im still makin myself eat when i dont really want to! Still feels like im bulking:laughing:  

28 Feb 2006 05:54
Sweet workout tonight. Made more gains. Used noxplode for the first time too. This was also my first day of cutting and I didnt eat shit compared to what ive been eating so I was concerned that the quality of the workout would suffer but It didnt.

Incline db press
20's x 20 x 2 sets warmup
55's x 12 x 4 sets

Flat bench
135 x 16
200 x 6
225 x 1 Way too easy, probably could have got it 4 or 5 times so I thought Id try 250
250 x ? I took it off the bar and pretty sure I could have done it but with my wife spotting me i got nervous and put it back down. Maybe next week. Hahaha!

Db incline flyes
65 x 7

Ham curls
45 x 12
110 x 6

BB curl
25 x 20
50 x 16
90 x 8


85 x 20
135 x 16
250 x 8
300 x 6 concentrating on going lower so I cant do as much as before!

225 x 12
250 x 8

Stiff deads

135 x 10
225 x 12
275 x 6  

28 Feb 2006 06:20
I should change this to cutting journal now.Haha. What I did yesterday

8:30 1 scoop noxplode

9-interval cardio training-2min jumprope then 5 min elliptical alternate for 30 min. pwo shake

1000 oatmeal, cup of milk

100 tuna sandwich, yogurt

400 egg salad sandwich, banana

600 protein shake with milk

830 2 chicken tacos

1100 protein shake with milk

2286 calories 222g protein, 213 carbs, 43g fat  

01 Mar 2006 16:45
Back to the grind. Havent worked out since last wednesday till tonight and ate like crap for those 4 days but it didnt matter cause I made gains again tonight! Yeeehaaaa! I was worried too cause right when I went downstairs to workout, I started getting lightheaded from low blood sugar. I did a warmup set on the bench and my arms were shakin and felt like rubber. So i went upstairs and ate a cup of yogurt and a pb and jelly sandwich and it kind of helped. My goal since i started working out in october was to be able to do a work set on the bench with 2 plates and its fast approaching!

Flat bench
bar x 20 x 2 sets

Incline db flyes

BB curls
20 x 14
50 x12x2sets


upright barbell rows

hamstring curls

07 Mar 2006 04:39

25 min of inteval training

2cups oatmeal,shake
tuna sandwich, yogurt, milk
egg salad sand, banana, milk
2 chicken soft tacos
shake w/cup of milk and 2tbsp pb

2500 cal 262g protein, 250g carb, 60g fat

Weighed in today at 186lbs.  

08 Mar 2006 22:57

5 min elliptical warmup

flat bench

bar x16

lat pulldown

ab cable crunches

220x8 tweaked lower back, end of workout

gotta make a doctors appt now. F*ck!  

08 Mar 2006 23:02
you do a full body workout?  

08 Mar 2006 23:20
Yeah, Iwas doin a 3 day split till about a month ago. I was at a sticking point and decided I needed to get more volume in so I switched to full body. What I do is On monday I go heavy and pyramid up to a work set and then on wednesday and friday I just do 3-4 sets of 60% of my 1rm. Ive got it figured so i hit failure on my 11th or 12th rep of the last set. Its workin sweet. In 1 month my working sets have jumped on bench from 165 to 205 and my max went from 185 to 245. When i hit a sticking point on this, ill probably switch back to a split. I just figured i didnt need to be doing all the isolation exercises right now.  

08 Mar 2006 23:34
Back is better. Its amazing what some 800mg motrins will do! made gains from again from last week!

Todays workout.

Flat bench
245x1 had a teeeny bit of help

db incline flyes


preacher curls

Upright rows

todays food
2cups oatmeal, shake
egg salad sand, yogurt
tuna sand, shake
workout, pwo shake
3 chicken soft tacos, 6 beers
cottage cheese, shake  

14 Mar 2006 07:35

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