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Height:5' 9"
Weight: 150 lbs

I'm benching 105 3 sets of 4 reps. I am flying 40 on each arm 3 sets 4 reps. I used to be overweight and have now lost the weight. I started a weightlifting program and have seen fair results due to non consistent workout. I am now currently in a consistent workout plan and would like to know if there were any tips that could help me get my pecs flat. No matter what they seem to be out rather than flat. Any exercises or tips that would help?  

15 Jan 2006 05:51
just keep doing ur workout plan and all that and theyll eventually turn into muscle and will look better Smile  

15 Jan 2006 06:15
y would u want them flat?.....wats ur diet like?.......why only 4 reps.....u should be doing 6-12 reps....for 3-4 sets....unless ur powerlifting  

15 Jan 2006 09:14
run and do sum other type of cardio... good luck  

15 Jan 2006 10:03
At your age, definitly use lighter weight. IMO I think you should use 10-12 reps so you could develop a good feel for what the muscle is suppost to feel like. Get that deep down burning feeling and you'll know your working the right muscle, plus you'll develop good form which is one of the most important things you should be working on at this point in your lifting career. The weight will come. No need to be Mr Macho at your age or any age.
After awhile when you know what your muscles should feel like and then you'll start throwing the weight on still use good form.  

15 Jan 2006 14:29
yea man atelast do ur sets like this, warm up 12-15, 10-12, 8-10, and then 6-8 if u want:)  

15 Jan 2006 17:28
I am not power lifting. I have been told different things from a variety of sources. Heavy weight less reps for example. Its not that i want my pecs flat, its mroe than i want them all muscles rather then fat. I want to sculpt and chisel my pecs. So your saying I should do 10-12 reps for 3 sets. Do you know of any great exercises other than benchpress and flys that will help focus on what my goal is?  

15 Jan 2006 19:54
thats a good rep set amount.....just do sumthing to warm up then 8-12 then u could do a workset were u add more weight to get stronger and u only do 6-8 but thats on last set......for chest good excersises: bench press, incline bb, decline bb, dumbell press, incline db press, flys, machine flys, cable crossovers, pullovers((for width)), incline flys, close grip bench, dips, push-ups..............DONT OVERTRAIN......U WONT ur chest like once a week  

16 Jan 2006 08:09
actually, at your age you will be fine working your chest more than once a week, as a matter of fact, i would suggest you work it more than once a week, just not simultaneous days. Remember, starting out you need to focus on you your "big" muscle lifts, ie.squats,bench press,powercleans,deadlifts, etc. These movements are going to develop your core foundation-Hook Em  

16 Jan 2006 20:25

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