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i know all the diets but i cant find anywhere that legitimately tells you how to cut form that 15% bf to 8-5% bf pre contest without losing much mass ive hurd diff ones but never seen like online sources? any hokups or info?  

07 Jan 2006 04:17
nope you have to find someone to work with that is good and it still takes time but with each turn you will better learn what wrks and what doesn't...  

07 Jan 2006 05:47
is that find someone supposed to be highlited ??? waht does that mean why isnt there any pre contest cutting methods out there????? i dont understaind why this is such a secret?  

07 Jan 2006 08:20
Diet, triaining, and more cardio. When did you decide to do this? There is a big difference between 5 and 8 % bf. anythin below 10 becomes a stretch each % mark I was below 10% in the navy a few years ago but now I'm floating but trying to lean out so I can stand looking at myself in the mirror.  

11 Jan 2006 08:33
Plenty of how to out there but the wil it work with you is the key...That is what your not understanding...Some can do with 1g of protein per lean lb of mass others need more this is where a prep guy comes in play..Getting below 8% and have good mass is not easy so no it isn;t a big secrect you just have to get someone who know what to do..Once you get lean you will second guess your ideas and being on low carb you WILL makes mistakes..  

11 Jan 2006 08:39

here you go, stick to it and have fun!  

11 Jan 2006 22:31
i dont use gear bro any sites for legit natty cutting? just like how much cardio to do when food intake and ish like that  

20 Feb 2006 19:22
bro if you want to cut like that you have to do what these guys are saying. someone needs to we watching you every week to make adjustments to your diet so youre not losing too much too fast or your moving too slow. so find someone around you who has done a show a few times.  

20 Feb 2006 21:34
[QUOTE=PTIBAlla]i dont use gear bro any sites for legit natty cutting? just like how much cardio to do when food intake and ish like that[/QUOTE]

Just leave the gear out and stick to the same protocol. Gear is only going to assist you, not make the difference overall  

22 Feb 2006 00:31

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