need reciepe for 500mg/ml

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Has anybody made 250mg of enanthate and 250 mg of cypionate in one ml?
If so how much ba and bb?  

28 Dec 2005 03:59
From what I heae cyp is hard to keep stable above 250mgs per ml so good luck..I have personally seen it gel up at 300mgs...  

28 Dec 2005 04:10
Use a 2/20 ratio and see if it holds.Don't think it will and you better use a 100ml bottle when converting ea to hold that much powder.  

28 Dec 2005 04:15
I've been doing some research on your question. I have found that the most test e will hold and not be so painful is around 400mg/ml.And that was using a 5/22 ratio. Test cyp will be so painful at that mg due to the amount of BA that would be used.  

29 Dec 2005 08:16
your best off to make 500mg/ml test enanthate like i said in the reply PM to you. If you are a newbie to aas usage, then you do not have to make the oils at 500mg/ml, but if you are a seasoned vet with alot of cycles under your belt, then you should be able to tolerate 500mg/ml test enanthate really well, since youd be used to painful injects of large ammts of oil at once.  

30 Dec 2005 02:49
thanks guys  

30 Dec 2005 05:36
Agreed with Phreak.....
Wouldnt make sense anyway...
Why have that high of dossages when you should be injecting EOD. Do both at 300mg/ml and alternate days of injections. driving in 500 of each in one shot, will be DAMN painful (but easily brewed), and a shock to your horemone levels. Nice steady levels of Aas can be the deciding factor for bad side effects. Always follow the K.I.S.S. rule
Keep It Simple Stupid.
Unless your a seasoned Vet...
My guess is that your trying to get away with doing one injection/week???? This will not work my friend.  

31 Dec 2005 00:53
1500mg is a min for me  

31 Dec 2005 02:27
your best bet is to not try and make any gear this high mgs/ml ratio.
even if you succeed, you'll most likely need to cut it with something else because of the pain being too great.. Higher is not always better  

25 Feb 2006 08:27

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