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pro patrick
Hey everyone.. just wanted you all to check out the interview of me with Hugo Rivera on  

22 Dec 2005 23:50
I've gotta know, is that your real workout routine?  

23 Dec 2005 00:28
looking good bro  

23 Dec 2005 07:51
pro patrick
Yea... of course that is my workout routine. I have no reason to lie during an interview!  

23 Dec 2005 08:22
Great shape bro. BTW,Welcome to BBF.  

23 Dec 2005 09:09
I just know that a lot of the magazines put in misinformation after a supposed interview. But thank you for confirming this is indeed true. I am going to give it a run. I'm assuming when you say 3 sets you are doing 3 work sets? I've never trained that many work sets, but if that's what has gotten you to where your at, I will have to give it a run.


23 Dec 2005 10:11
That black and white pic looks pretty cool.

Congrats on getting your card and I hope to see you posting when you can.  

24 Dec 2005 04:22
Oh, btw...

I did the routine you mentioned on your interview today. I like the pump that I got in my lower lats. I can use some size there anyhow, but it's going to take some time to get up to 10-12 reps for 3 sets for me, I'm so used to doing one work set of 6-8 reps.  

24 Dec 2005 04:26

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