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i was talkign to a trainer who gottene poepl to show weight and he was telling mea few tricks with using gallons of slatwater then babyfood w/protien

anyone got nay good cutting schedual layed out caus ei know a diet can only get u so far how do u get to that show weight. any good links?  

11 Dec 2005 02:06
gallons of saltwater?? oh please do fckn tell  

11 Dec 2005 02:08
sounds off the salt wolud make u hold water like a mofo  

11 Dec 2005 03:21
well I can see where there is an idea there but want to here it..It won't work but I want to hear what that guys says about it..  

11 Dec 2005 04:53
lol he didnt go into depth but the idea was i think week be4 comp u eat only 3 baby food jars with a scoop of protien and night be4 comp u drink a bunch i dk if its a gallon of salt water and then in the mornign u feel wicked dehydrated and ure skin will feel wicked tight and u dont drink anywater up to comp? i dk im porb way off i mightnot of hurd it right but wahts the real deal on this?  

11 Dec 2005 05:04
dood storm dont go hard on me lol i know its prob way off but ive neva read into this comp cutting at all  

11 Dec 2005 05:06
Bro not going off on you I am going off on the guy who told you that..A gallon of salt water really doesn not say alot..It would depend on how much salt you put in that gallon..But drinking salt watr period is pretty hard to do IMO it would eventually make you sick if you used to much salt..Much easier to eat food higher in sodium then cut it out before show then load up again for the vascularity end of it...

Tell the guy who told you that to detail out how he does it i can't belive it works very well if at all..Cutting for a show is fairly easy it is drooppin your water right is what is key..Bottomline of you can't get lean enough then you won;t have to worry about the wtaer anyways...  

11 Dec 2005 07:10

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