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Im takin Isopure as of rightnow, Is there anyother protien that will help me gain weight and still be ripped. someone told me about Ripfuel..?  

07 Dec 2005 03:28
you are saying brand names. Not types of protein. If you are eating right you should get most your protein from whole foods. Don't be stuck in brands of protein but rather types of protein i.e. whey, egg, and soy.... then you can branch off from those to Whey Protein Isolate, casein, and so on. Whey and casein are both good choices IMO. Whey PW and casein right before bed. google protein powders and don't concentrate on the brand, brand names just cost more.  

07 Dec 2005 06:23
chicken and turkey for lean protein choices  

07 Dec 2005 07:21
Protein is Protein. No protein will get you bigger then the other.
The best thing to do, IMO, if you want lean protein, is to buy WPI in bulk. should have some. You can get em mostly tasteless, and mix it in with juice or whatever else. Put it into your food, or into your original shake Smile  

20 Dec 2005 21:40
Natures Best ( Dynamic Nutrition) got busted using Whey concentrate in their Whey Isolate protein ( Isopure) a few years ago. I wouldnt use any of their products, since they do not care about quality or being truthfull with their customers.  

20 Dec 2005 21:44

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