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i know alot about diets and foods i take nutrition classes at night i eat reaally good now plenty of prot good carbs all the time efa and lots of food.

i mean im just studying up on it these sites im lookign up there just basic diets not really made for bbers i mean i think the best way for me would be keep prot high while slowly decrease in calories just to maintence levels?
i mean is that sound right or ?
any good sites  

06 Dec 2005 01:14
I have been doing carb cycling with DNP and have had great results. After my bulking cycle I lost the initial water weight in about twoo weeks which lowered me to about 215. After I started cardio and carb cycling which worked real well for cutting fat. I literally lost about another 20lbs and now I'm at about 10% from around 25-30% and at 190ish.

I have a local pro nearby that explained it to me and all you basically eat is fiborous carbs(veggies and fruit) and meats for about 6 days a week and 7 all day eat out! It's actually good to over eat on your seventh day because it tricks your system to elevate the metabolism so once you start depleting again on Monday, if Sunday is your all day eat out, you will get more results from your own metabolism.

I lost on average about 2lbs a week which is good from what I understand they say anything more and you will lose muscle. So plan out how many pounds of fat you have and subtract 1-2 pounds a week. EX:

20lbs overweight to reach your target wieght. So nearly 15-20 weeks out from the date you should start carb cycling. In other words plan to lose 1 pound a week but no more than two. This is hard on your system so be sure to take your vitamins. I'm in no way a pro but I'm just sharing what has worked for me up to this point.  

06 Dec 2005 04:15
thx alot brogood idea im gonn read inot that i mean its a natural comp so i dontthink im gonna touch dnp lol and my bro said its wicked dangerous. so ill see waht happens ill post some pics and u guys can gimme some pointers and advice,  

06 Dec 2005 05:41

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