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hey guys storm and u other guys gotta help me out with that
im about 217 and im competing in a comp in may 06 im about 22-25% bf pretty thick im going nov under 21 class im 18 by feb be4 i cut ill prob be around 220-223 waht kinda weight class should i be looking for after i cut i mean how can u figure something like that out im thinking 185?? 180?? anyhelp guys?  

04 Dec 2005 22:21
that's proablaby accurate depending on if u loose any muscle when cutting

how much water ur holding etc  

05 Dec 2005 00:22
Yes no way of tellin unless I saw you in person..That BF is way to high you need to get it down to around 12-15% max before you start a good 12-16 week contest diet..  

05 Dec 2005 02:15
competing bf i mean for a kid my size at my age i honestly think i would look better at 10% bf then any lower then that i mean ive neva competed be4 and its jsut a nov so i mean i dont want to hurt myself going to low in bf because its my first time competing? any ideas  

05 Dec 2005 05:14
10% is alot of bf for the stage even at the natural level..If the show is a year away yo have plenty of time to slowly take off the BF..No offesne but there is no reason for you not to be bale to take your self down to 7% bf all natual by then if you play it smart and are consistnat...Storm  

05 Dec 2005 05:30
Matt Daniels
yah ive got friends whore are 6-8 bf 10 is way to much you definetly need to go lower natural or not because the unnaturals step on stage at about 1-3%(i think im not sure ill probably be wrong and get flamed but o well lol) so you'll be fine I'd say good competition bf would be between 8 at max and 6 %  

06 Dec 2005 01:04
I competed in my first natural show last April, I weighed 184 the morning of and when i measured bf on thursday before the show i was 4%. I don't know if i posted pics or not but i spilled over pretty bad so i don't look as good as 4% should. If you are doing a natural show you will be in the teen division then you can decide if you want to enter the novice division (I would most natural shows are pretty small) which will be split into height classes more than likely. Most natural shows split up by height instead of weight. What show are you doing adn who is it sanctioned by, INBF ABA? How tall are you?  

07 Dec 2005 18:41
Wel truth be told anything under 5% is rare in any show..Whne u get that low getting a DEXA scan or a Bod Pod is the only way to really get an accurate reading..Gtetting that low can only be held for a short period of time..Also condier when these pros who carry a huge amount of muscle dont need to get as low as below 6% shows off alot of detail wehn that much mass is involved..  

07 Dec 2005 18:49
Plus getting the water off is the name of the game..  

07 Dec 2005 18:49
I honestly cann't say for certain what i was We used calipers for 14 weeks and I started out 14% and two days before the show it read 4%. I don't really care what the number is I know I was in as good of shape as I could have posssible been in. As for the water I took Expel for 4 days prior to the show and quit drinking water 6 am. on Friday morning and didn't have a drop of anything til 7:45 Sat. night. I was as dry as i could get, god i felt awful. I don't have a hard time taking the water off as some, as soon as I drop my carbs to the 0 the water retention is basically zilch for me.  

07 Dec 2005 18:57

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