need pic of propionate

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got propionate for my first cycle. the only thing that worried me about the bottle is the date. it just didnt look right. anyone have a pic on hand. im 27 by the way.  

21 Nov 2005 05:52
Are you serious?? Think about what you just asked..Umm there are probaly 100 dif kind of props out there so you gonna have to give us more info then that..  

21 Nov 2005 06:23
uhmmm yeah. I got a better idea, you post the pic and then, if you can't do that give us as much information as you can. As a matter of fact why don't you post all of the info on the label on the board.  

21 Nov 2005 09:07
what they said.....

usually the date is printing differently then the entire label.  

21 Nov 2005 18:21

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