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ARe those good i eat those at subway.. Turkey wrap or chicken wraps are they good to meet my goal? just wondering what you guys think of it.??

thanks for putting up with my .. i guess.. simple questions... or ignorant in my behalf...


09 Nov 2005 01:29
Better than sandwiches in my opinion IMO. I like pita bread too. Good low GI carb sources.  

09 Nov 2005 01:32
oh ok,,, i get the organic wraps... the ones with pesto or spinach.. but i tend to stick to they wheat kind.. those are good no.. I think the organic ones are better than the normal ones but I do not really care for all organic foods... by the way how does the GI index thing work.. i see that is being posted lately..  

09 Nov 2005 02:00
Google it. You'll find all kinds of charts on it. Surprisingly enough you'll find Snickers "to go" bars are very low on the GI scale.  

09 Nov 2005 02:03
cool snickers i like them.. so what about the wraps should i stick to whole wheat or are the spinach and other kinds ok??  

09 Nov 2005 02:06
Spinach is the best as far as nutritional value. Whole wheat is good though.  

09 Nov 2005 02:08
ok cooll.. thanks for the info  

09 Nov 2005 02:19

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