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How to Make Injectible Winstrol Method 1

How does a much easier injectable winny recipe that has virtually no chance of crashing sound?

Materials needed
PEG 400
BA 2%
BB 15%
Winny powder
Open Vial
Sterile Vial
5 or 10 cc sryinge
3 cc syringe
23 guage needle
smaller needle to relieve air pressure


1- Take the winny powder place in a open vial add BA & BB.
2- Heat vial till winny melts. I set mine in a frying pan on the eye of a stove, bring to heat slowly, and let cool slowly.
3- Add peg to mixture. Save 3 ml of you peg in the 3 ml syringe so you can purge the filter with just peg, so no winny is left.
4- Filter into a sterile vial.
5- Finished, should be a clear thick liquid.

For 5 Grams at 50mg/ml add
2ml BA
15ml BB
79.25ml PEG 400
5 Grams Winny

For 10 Grams at 50mg/ml add
4 ml BA
30 ml BB
158ml PEG 400
10 Grams Winny  

20 May 2004 02:32
I thought injecting PEG400 was a no no.Please educate me.  

29 May 2004 18:04
I have never done it myself, but I have directly spoken to bros that I trust that have. PEG is toxic in amounts like 1 gallon or so. You'll never take that much at a time.  

30 May 2004 22:24
I know that PEG is in radiator fluid but I was more wondering about the effects it has on the muscles itself.  

04 Jun 2004 20:13
I think there is a difference in antifreeze and PEG. PEG is polyethylene glycol. I think antifreeze is propylene glycol. They are very simmilar and PG is used in hombrewing too. I've not seen any research on their effects on muscle tissue.  

08 Jun 2004 14:17
Candle,is there a way to make a 50ml batch at either 100 or 50mg?If so could you post it.Thanks bro.  

06 Aug 2004 18:44
If I'm not mistaken the 1st post lists a 100ml batch:

For 5 Grams at 50mg/ml add
2ml BA
15ml BB
79.25ml PEG 400
5 Grams Winny

I'm about to brew some up so I'll post pic in a new thread later.  

26 Aug 2004 23:48
OK. I tried the method listed above and was unable to get it to stay in soln. It has been reported by mant people to work so I don't understand. I'll post the pics anyhow. Here is the gear:  

27 Aug 2004 03:07
1. I set the scale to 0 with the empty bottle on it:  

27 Aug 2004 03:09
3. Added the winny, BA, BB:  

27 Aug 2004 03:10
4. Heated:  

27 Aug 2004 03:11
5. It didn't melt completely so I added the PEG and heated more. This is what I ended up with. I decided to run it oraly and didn't bother filtering.  

27 Aug 2004 03:14
If anyone has actualy gotten this to work please let me know. Mine may be a purity issue.  

27 Aug 2004 03:15
When I did my oral solution it ended up looking like that.But after a few hours it fell into solution.I will post the pic I had at AM.I hope it will work as an inj.I am really wanting to make some real soon.  

27 Aug 2004 16:20
Hey Candle,I tried to do the same method as your and it came out like your pic.I ended up filtering it as much as I could till my filter clogged.I got about 30ml or so but it came out crystal clear.But it hurts like a mother when I inj last night.I'llkeep you guys updated.  

09 Sep 2004 17:10
this post has a perfect recipe....I will be trying it next week...

For all u home brwewers I found this on another board. thought you all might want a look at this. happy brewing :D

Winstrol suspended in water-perfected!

Alright bros, here is the revised recipe...I have been perfecting it over the last few weeks and now have it down to a science.
This is a user friendly, quick and easy winny suspension guide!

Mix 1 g winny plus 1 ml ba plus 2.5 ml PEG 400 in to vial.
Heat until mix goes into solution (clear liquid)
Remove from heat and filter with .45 whatman into sterile vial.
Add 15.5 ml bac water to filtered product slowly but does not have to be drop by drop as you will notice the winny will not easily come out of solution-took me 30 seconds to add all the water-slowly but not drop by drop.
Swirl vial slowly until it seems cloudy and well mixed.
Shake the hell out of it as hard as you can...this will pull the winny out of solution and into suspension.
Cap and voila!
20ml at 50mg/ml sterile aqueous stanozolol suspension.
This is as easy as it gets!

posted by regino007
I am going to try that one real soon and see.

posted by hardbodies5
ok bro's
just tried this myself and behold it came out great. I followed the directions and did shake the hell out of it and it went right into suspension. now the question is, how bad is it going to hurt Hi
I have made winnie in the with oil base also and each batch did some crystalization, but I heated it and it was fine. of the two I would say the above is a lot easier. wish I had a digital I would post a picture for u all.
anyway I thougt I would just let u all knwo how it worked.

posted by hardbodies5
tried one cc no pain

posted by Smallguy
sweet bro

posted by hardbodies5
make a batch at 100mg/ml increased the peg400 to 3.5ml, BA to 2ml and added 12.5ml bac. shook the heck out of it few a few seconds and it went right into suspension, both the 50mg/ml and the 100mg/ml both came out milky looking just like it is supposed to. As soon as I get a digital I will post a picture of both the oil based winny and the peg/ba/bac winny for your viewing pleasure. did I mention no pain at 50mg/ml. I wonder how the 100mg/ml will feel. I will let u all know.  

29 Sep 2007 22:54
edit edit edit  

14 Dec 2007 08:38
ummm, i would edit that question.  

14 Dec 2007 09:32
ya probably should read the board rules before posting  

14 Dec 2007 17:20
All good.  

17 Dec 2007 20:07
Sorry about that all should have been worded differantly forgive the new guy for stepping on it with both feet.  

18 Dec 2007 05:57
[QUOTE=quicksilver52214;83491]Sorry about that all should have been worded differantly forgive the new guy for stepping on it with both feet.[/QUOTE]

No prob bro. Enjoy your stay and play by the rules please.  

18 Dec 2007 23:19
does anyone know were i can purchase peg 400  

02 Oct 2008 09:23
no open sourcing on the board *sighs* read the board rules  

03 Oct 2008 00:44

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