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When competing in a smaller division such as this one,what do judges usually look for?Some of these guys are like 5'4-5'7 and 135-140 pounds but when i see some of their pics they have pretty good size on the arms for their size even with their smaller bone structure.Do they look for overall symmetry,bulk,or both?  

23 Oct 2005 04:50
same as they look for in every other division

symetry and muscle mass and definition  

23 Oct 2005 22:12
Team U Baby
Just think of Marvin Ward  

29 Oct 2005 00:10
there is no difference in what the judges look for, they are going to look for the same things that ever weight class in bodybuilding is judged on.  

29 Oct 2005 09:40
i dont agree with the muscle mass smallguy. yea its a part of it but i've seen shows were the smallest guy wins cuz hes the leanest not the biggest.  

29 Oct 2005 23:39
Heres kind of a follow up question,at what bodyfat level do you need to be at to compete in this division,or any division for that matter?  

30 Oct 2005 04:42

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