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i just purchased winstrol from a friend of mine and i was wondering if it was real. he said it is made by a pharmacy called med-fast compounding pharmacy and i was wondering if it was real or fake. the lable on the bottle is white and has the address of the pharmacy and the phone number and the fax number but the lot number and the date look like they were printed same as the lable. i dont think my friend would **** me over on purpose, but i have my doubts. it is injectible so i know that injectible winny can also be takin orally i tasted it and it had a oily kind of salty taste not a very plesent taste it is a white liquid but it is always milky looking it doesnt look like the winstrol seperates from the water. i looked in it in the light and i saw that there was a little condensed on the bottom. i called the pharmacy and it seemed to be very ligit and it seeemed like a pharmacy. one of my friends said that he could have taken the lable of the real stuff and put it on the fake bottle. i dont know what to do .  

20 Oct 2005 10:21
age please...  

20 Oct 2005 17:06
it will also separate if you let it sit for a while  

20 Oct 2005 17:50
well is it fake or not  

20 Oct 2005 22:09
OK F*ckstick what is your age?  

20 Oct 2005 22:14
im 19  

20 Oct 2005 22:32
biaaaatch, unless you have a picture, how in the f are we suppose to know. You know what, ya it's fake so take it a shove it up your 19 year old a**! HA HA- Hook Em  

20 Oct 2005 23:01
honestly, shoving winstrol up your Ass is a great way of telling whether it's real or not. If you put the winstrol up there, and the next day can't get your finger in your corn hole, then chances are that the muscles have restricted and you've got yourself some real winny.

cwshorns knows this as well, but has a funny way of telling you how to test it.  

20 Oct 2005 23:06
All these guys are just bustin your balls. We can't really tell with out a pic. Personally I haven't ever heard of that company. What are you doing messing with AAS at that age anyway? You asked what our suggestion was and I would suggest you not take any from of AAS until you are older, and do more research becase winny only cycle will suck. If you are an athlete winny can screw you up too, depending on what kind of athlete.  

20 Oct 2005 23:27
are u kidding me u all sound like a bunch of little girls. U guys think ur the shit all of duce talking you are probably 5'6 130lbs wet and think you know about gear. First off im taking it with test. im taking it week 6 through 12 dont act like u guys are body builder you all sound like a bunch of clowns your those little guys that take roids probably fake benching the fifty pounders and thinking u are the biggest guys in the gym  

21 Oct 2005 01:28
Rotflmfao.... Yep 130!  

21 Oct 2005 01:31
Yeah, and you're asking us...  

21 Oct 2005 01:52
[QUOTE=testme]are u kidding me u all sound like a bunch of little girls. U guys think ur the shit all of duce talking you are probably 5'6 130lbs wet and think you know about gear. First off im taking it with test. im taking it week 6 through 12 dont act like u guys are body builder you all sound like a bunch of clowns your those little guys that take roids probably fake benching the fifty pounders and thinking u are the biggest guys in the gym[/QUOTE]

Funny how guys that haven't been in the game long always go after the "BENCH" max. O.k. if that's what you think, then great. I don't do flat bench press, but just so happens that I can put up 495lbs for reps on my 4th set. However, I don't do flat bench press but once a month because I think it's a complete waste for anyone interested in the cosmetic benefits of BB'ing. BUT, since you are asking, I can overhead press 120lb dumbbells for sets of 8-10 reps. that would also be my 3rd or 4th set.

Listen, I thought I was bad ass when I was 19 as well. By that time I had competed in a few bb'ing comps and also had 10 or more cage fights under my belt. Not to mention 300+ street fights. It took me getting shot to realize that I was human and could die just like the rest of everyone. So don't go getting all pissy over some of us having fun on our board. You have a few posts and we are breaking in the new guy. A test if you will, and you failed.  

21 Oct 2005 02:05
[QUOTE=canibalistic_js]Yeah, and you're asking us...[/QUOTE]

Hey man don't be such a whiney bitch. We were just bustin your balls man. You don't know how many newbies come to this board and say they are doing an all oral cycle and are only 130lbs 17 y.o. We are just making sure you aren't the "clown" that's a buck 50 thinks he's going to get huge because he's taking winny or dbol or something like that. So before you start being a dick, why don't you list your stats cycle experience plans and you'll get a little more repect when posting "is this real" post and getting one questions asked and you replying "well is it fake or not?" **** man, we were just checking to see if you should even be messing with AAS. So chill the **** out. I don't have a clue if it's real or fake I am sure if they are a real company I could find a pic of real winny if I wanted.  

21 Oct 2005 02:13
ok you guys want to see if im the clown ok. Im doing a 12 week cycle. Im in the middle of the cycle. Im taking 500mgs of test enthanate,which is Aries research labs, a week 1cc every mon and thurs of the week. im taking nolva for the water retention and on week 6 im going to stack the test with the winny so i can get cut plus lose the little water retention that i will have anyways. i have injectible winny so i can take it every other day. if it is real. i inject the test into my delts and my thigh. since the winny has spot growth im going to inject into my delts when i rotate it with my test and into my chest and lats. i have 5/8 needdles 23ga so the injections into my chest and lats dont hurt as bad.formy test i use 23ga 1in needles for my delts and my thigh. i have had my blood and liver values tested before my cycle and im going to get it done in the middle of my cycle but since the test really doesnt affect my liver valuse mostly blood pressure and my cholesterole i get my blood tested and my blood pressure. im 185 5'6 benching 315 deadlifting 405, squat 365, and shoulder press the 90's for 6 reps. even though some of u may have a impressive lifts and a good understanding of steroids i to have a impressive lifts and have a good understanding of steroids. i to have competed in high school functions for bodybuilding and for wieghtlifting. hey im just asking for some help hey when you guys talk duece im going to talk back im not going to have people talk shit to me and then just take it like a girl. some of you seem to be real, hey i just need help to see if this is real.  

21 Oct 2005 02:49
i called the pharmacy today and asked what thier bottles looked like and what there lables look like, The way they explained it the bottle that i have matches the bottles the sell the winny in. my batch number is the batch number of their last batch. You dont think that some one would go through all of the trouble to take the lable of the real stuff but on the bottle that looks like the real one and put fluid into the bottle that looks exactly as the lady explained it to me over the phone, just to sell me some fake shit plus i know the guy who sold it to me and we are good friends  

21 Oct 2005 02:57
I think your ok with it bro. Most fakes are completely obvious and no scammers ever go as far as to duplicate the batch numbers.  

21 Oct 2005 03:11
thanks man it makes me feal a little better  

21 Oct 2005 03:16
what made you think it was fake anyhow?  

21 Oct 2005 03:22
b/c it looked like it was printed from a bubble jet printer. Right?  

21 Oct 2005 03:29
what made me think it was a fake was that it did look like it was printed off of a bubble jet printer and the lable was white and it just looked like someone just slapped it on. my test looked proffesional it had the batch number and date in different print, but this one had it in the same ink as the rest of the lable. The lable on the winny kind of looked fake plus some of my friends that have a knowledge of steroids said to be carefull and they have never heard of a place that put the phone number on the bottle. but i called the pharmacy and look it up on the web it seems to be a real place. i asked the lady what the bottle looked like and what the lable looked like and she told me what was on my bottle. i tasted the winny and it tasted a little oily sour and salty. i dont know man what do you think  

21 Oct 2005 03:44
Winny tastes like absolute shit. At least in water solube. It seems that you got yerself a koozer! (ok, i'm just fuhkin round here) but, you def have an oil base product. If it was me, I would take it and see if I got the winny sides like sore joints and streangth gains. The streangth will come almost overnight with winny, so it may even be better than sending it to get tested at a lab.  

21 Oct 2005 03:53
so you dont think that it is fake i should take it and see what happens. it does taste like shit. like the most shity thing in the world. i thought that winny is only water based  

21 Oct 2005 08:20
no water and oil and pill  

21 Oct 2005 08:53
I don't think anyone would go to that much trouble to make a fake. so IMO it's probobly real.  

21 Oct 2005 19:36
thanks for the help and the info  

21 Oct 2005 22:44
wow that was interesting  

22 Oct 2005 01:09
where you been cuts  

22 Oct 2005 01:12
quit my job at Nissan so im not around a computer as much. so i cant post my usual 30 times a day. but i'll still be around!!  

22 Oct 2005 01:14
hmmm, I got over 800 now. Next step 10000000000000000000. I'll be the first postwhore to hit 1 hizzillian million bazillion posts  

22 Oct 2005 01:16
you will be whores of all whores!! and then some!  

22 Oct 2005 01:18
Sh*t Hey cuts  

22 Oct 2005 01:27
Canabal missed you Cuts. he PM'd me like 20 times asking where you where at.  

22 Oct 2005 01:32
Yeah....I know...Sad lol  

22 Oct 2005 01:37
hey bro did you oder your other stuff from online not ur winny?
or do you know a site where i can get it from that wont ripp u off?  

16 Oct 2006 07:35
chino this is a year old thread and i dont think you should be asking that question in an open forum.  

16 Oct 2006 08:41

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