How to make liquid d-bol

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How to make liquid d-bol

Put 100ml of PEG-400 into a glass bottle and mark it.

Remove the PEG and aa 2.5 grams of powder.

Then add 10ml of Bacardi 151.

Then put the PEG back in until it hits the 100ml line.

Shake it up for a few minutes. It will appear milky.

Then put it in the oven at 250 degrees for 20 minutes.(Have the oven warming while mixing)

When you take it out the liquid should now be suspended in the Peg and the liquid will be the original clear color of the original PEG.

You'll end up with 100ml at 25mg/ml.  

18 May 2004 03:23
doesnt that taste like total ass?  

18 May 2004 19:20
It could be tolerable.  

19 May 2004 19:03
[QUOTE=president_fad]doesnt that taste like total ass?[/QUOTE]
Those of us who've been in the game for a while know that all homebrewed things taste bad. You only take 1ml or so at a time so you hardly taste it in a drink.  

20 May 2004 02:25
do u use this recipe for the gear you use? and can u inject?  

26 Feb 2010 04:26
[QUOTE=jhall;103155]do u use this recipe for the gear you use? and can u inject?[/QUOTE]

God no don't inject it. It's a recipe and yes some people use it. There is no reason to inject dbol still goes through the liver same with winny.  

26 Feb 2010 06:04
Can anyone tell me what aa 2.5 grams of powder is?  

05 Sep 2010 05:28
I believe it was a mistype...  

17 Sep 2010 18:16

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