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Has anyone seen these before I think there bunk  

13 Oct 2005 20:54
I have seen that brand before. What is making you think they are fake?  

13 Oct 2005 21:15
Thanks JC ..

Im running 500mg of sust and 400mg of deca per week for 12 weeks. I front loaded with 25mg of naps. I am in my 6th week and started to question the gear. Did allot of research on the net,other boards,etc and found the the deca to be in question.  

13 Oct 2005 21:36
hmmmm, IMO the label looks a little hokey. If it where me, I'd take 1gm and see if my nips started tingling. Only way to be sure unless you want to send it off to get tested.  

13 Oct 2005 21:40
thet are real, the old yellow tops. Jay cutler uses those.  

13 Oct 2005 21:43
The tops are different then what i have seen i.e. there caps... not topsand the rubber is not visable.

That's what im thinking of doing sending for testing but im not sure how to go about that in Cananda.  

13 Oct 2005 21:45
you need to pop the caps off and break the seals. That's good. Dude you are looking at spending around 150+ for a test if you can get it at all. Is that worth it. Why don't you send it to me and I'll test it for you and tell you if they are good.  

13 Oct 2005 21:51
Sure send me your address  

13 Oct 2005 21:52
hmmm, I think he was joking Gregg  

13 Oct 2005 21:59
Oh I thought he needed the 150 bucks :thumbs:  

13 Oct 2005 22:03
All joking aside I need more info on this please help  

13 Oct 2005 22:43
DID you get my message?  

13 Oct 2005 23:13
check you pm's in a sec... :D  

14 Oct 2005 01:12
sorry I forgot all about it maybe at lunch time or tonight I will remember.  

14 Oct 2005 18:08
You must be getting old bro .. The memory is the first thing to go  

14 Oct 2005 20:56
in the first picture i believe i see a pubic hair stuck to the side of the bottle. not sure if anyone noticed. but that means theyre real  

15 Oct 2005 06:14
Awwwww yes, the good ol trusty PH (pube hair) indicator. That surely means it's all in yer head Gregg.  

16 Oct 2005 05:27
Now that's helpful :ohcrap:  

17 Oct 2005 22:48
I'm worthless, I keep forgetting stuff. I'll remember eventually. :aah:  

18 Oct 2005 00:09
i took care of it JC  

18 Oct 2005 00:32

18 Oct 2005 00:34
Me + Deca = Happy Me  

23 Oct 2005 21:44
pop off caps good, means they haven't be tammpered with.  

23 Oct 2005 21:45
Those are a fake! The date marking is wrong. See the Pic. Left is fake right is real.
This one is textbook example of fake gear. On the left is fake, and on the right is real Deca. Note the difference in fonts, especially number four at the bottom line "24119/310". Second: neck of the vials. Fake Deca has more rounded neck. Third: paper label is not attached well on fake Deca.

Thanks to animal for the info and pics.  

19 Dec 2005 08:33
Excellent pics and help - thanks! Smile  

11 Jan 2006 02:24
Robo, you need to edit your sig,or we will do it, unless you have permission from AB or 2Guns for those ads.  

11 Jan 2006 08:37
Do they have an experation date? If yes, was it printed at the same time as the label or does it look added after the label was printed?  

19 Jan 2006 01:59
Yes they have an that was printed at the same time by the looks of it.  

19 Jan 2006 16:56

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