How to make Oral Winstrol

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How to make Oral Winstrol

It is very easy. Just mix 1g winny with 49g of PEG 400 and you have 50ml @ 50mg/ml. You gotta love homebrewing.  

18 May 2004 03:21
Is it possible to make a suspension of oral winstrol with pga or sterile water?  

25 Jun 2009 19:53
stupid but how many mls is 49g of Polyethylene Glycol and what about the 190 proof alcohol?  

25 Sep 2009 11:39
this is what im used to doing

Highest concentration made - 25 mg/ml
Per 1 gram of Stanzolol you will need:
7.8 ml's of PEG 300
31.2 ml's of 190 Proof Grain Alcohol  

25 Sep 2009 11:40

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