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I was reading a previous thread and it said something about mixing PB with oats not being good for lean gains... why is that??!! i eat a package of oatmeal and mix about 3 tbsp of pb in it at breakfest but i dont workout until 330 afterschool so will that effect the leanness of my gains?  

02 Oct 2005 15:53
im not sure if im rite here but, penut butter is high in fat and more for ppl trying to gain mass not for ppl trying to slim up, hope im rite lol  

02 Oct 2005 16:15
Absolutely not. I have my breakfast burned off by 10-10:30 and i eat it at 7. By 3:30 your breakfast is long gone. Oatmeal and PB won't effect your "leanness".-Hook Em  

03 Oct 2005 17:10
I just read an interesting article that states as long as your fats are not saturated, it should be ok to mix with carbs. For instance, natty peanut butter and oats are one that would be ok. I'll see if I can find the article.  

03 Oct 2005 18:50
ever had Adams Peanut Butter? oh so good!  

03 Oct 2005 22:26

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