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lil bit
Hey there. Well, I've cleaned up my diet (though I still cheat on occasion, it's not nearly as much as I used to), and have been trying to follow the general advice that I see given out in the threads, and so far, though my weight is about the same, I have managed to loose 7 inches off my frame. Very happy about that. However, my thighs only dropped half an inch. Any advice for working the inner and outer thighs? I have used the machines, but they never seem to do any good. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

30 Sep 2005 23:15
Hate to say it, but your best bet is going to be your diet, and cardio. There is no such thing as spot reduction. quite the opposite actually, if you are wanting to lose inches off your arms, are you going to do curls? no! so, if you want to lose inches off of your thighs and stomach, would it make sense to work them for this? no! HOWEVER, you can "harden" the muscle that is under there giving it a firmer look by training the area, but if there is a layer of fat above, it won't be seen.

Remember, no more than 45 minutes cardio, just increase the resistance as you go.

Also, try not to cut out your carbs, they are essential in the fat burning process. Just try to get them in before 4pm. initiate a carb cutoff time.

Finally, the reason your weight isn't going down is because muscle weighs more than fat, your losing inches and that's what matters. Stay away from the scale for a month, and then jump back on when you start to notice a change in body composition. You will be pleased.  

30 Sep 2005 23:35
Well shit Tom beat me I had a post then I scrolled down and saw he already posted same stuff I was going to.....

Anyway only thing I'll add don't let the scale tell you if you are doing well let the mirror. Who cares what you weigh as long as you feel and look good in the mirror.  

30 Sep 2005 23:52
Just remember to keep at it and think long term and don't obsess over the stuff that really doesn't matter, scales etc. Someone at 140lbs of muscle and fat look completely different from each other so if you are looking leaner that is progress.

We are our own worst critics  

01 Oct 2005 01:36
lil bit
Hey guys. Sorry so long to reply, and thanks for all your advice. I guess what I'm worried about is, the last time I lost a lot of weight, it was through mainly aerobics, and I hate to say it, starving and working myself to the bone. The results were pretty scary, cuz there was nothing there, just skin and bone. I think I'm just trying to prevent that from happening again.  

19 Oct 2005 04:12
Well that's easy enough. Don't be afraid to eat. Just keep it clean. I ate 12,000 calories the other day, and I'm at about 8% BF right now. As long as your doing things right, by eating correctly, you won't have too much to concern yourself with. Just Eat!  

19 Oct 2005 04:21
lil bit
Thanks, if things keep going as they are, I'll have no trouble following that advice....freakin stomach kicks me in the spine if I go more than 3 hours w/out. Keeping it pretty clean, but still working out the kinks.  

19 Oct 2005 04:41
Sounds good, just don't go overboard on eating right just yet. You should specifically put a block of a few weeks together to eat "by the book" and that way it's not like you are going to have to do it for the rest of your life. gradual and consistent progress, I have found, is the best way to go about it.  

19 Oct 2005 17:48
12,000 cals?what did you eat?is that including PRE W/O and POST W/O shakes?  

19 Oct 2005 18:50
I think that includes everything buddy.  

19 Oct 2005 18:59
[QUOTE=scouse_7]12,000 cals?what did you eat?is that including PRE W/O and POST W/O shakes?[/QUOTE]

Actually I haven't worked out in about 4 weeks. Taking some time off and bridging right now. Running IGF at 200mcg a day and that shit makes you hungry!

I average about 7000 calories a day. Last night I speant 16 bucks on junk food at the gas station and had put everything down, including 2 muscle milks, ding dongs, Funyun's, chocolate milk, twinkies, etc..., by the time I got home. My typical lunch costs $30 bucks. I can eat, and for that i can lose fat like a bad habit by just cleaning it up a bit. You can still see all my abs though.  

19 Oct 2005 19:07
OMG. Damn you're bad! I do the same thing I try atleast once a week to eat a large pizza and some of whatever my wife and I can get our hands on.  

19 Oct 2005 20:57
Hey, I love to eat. But instead of threadjacking, I will say this. LilBit, don't be afraid to eat like a horse from time to time, it will just speed your metabolism up and allow your body to process energy more efficiently.  

19 Oct 2005 21:22
I just want to make sure it's clear about Time to time. You don't eat like that everyday with the junk food and all.  

19 Oct 2005 21:35
I do it for a couple weeks at a time. Get a little fat, then go back to teh dieting thing.  

19 Oct 2005 21:42
lil bit
Damn, I haven't had anything made by Hostess in so long I've almost forgotten what they taste like....almost....  

25 Oct 2005 04:26
twinkies have a 35year shelf life...kinda nasty.  

25 Oct 2005 04:36
Yeah imagine how hard it is to burn those cals...jking  

25 Oct 2005 05:06

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