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Matt Daniels
Alright way back when everything looked good.Arnold looked amazing he was just right but who else besides me now a days its just frigging sick.

The perfect example...Ronnie Coleman, even if I could be that big I wouldn't its sick.He's just pumped full of roids lol which I really would never want to take ( no offence to anyone taking them ) sure he trains hard but enough is enough the veins in his forehead are bigger then my damn legs lol like....woooooooooooooooooh ronnie give it up :screwy:

Anyone else have anything to say about this?  

29 Sep 2005 08:38
Everyone is dif the key is to be able to have respect for what it took to get there training and eating wise..To each and their own bro centering yourself around one thing keeps you closed minded and blind to what is really out there...  

29 Sep 2005 18:10
yea personally i dont think i would want to be that big but like storm said, i have alot of respect for the training and the diet these guys follow. you dont have to love it!  

29 Sep 2005 18:12
I can see how he just got carried away and went with it. (ronnie Coleman). I used to say that I never wanted to be "Huge" but as I'm nearing 300lbs and unable to scratch my own back, I am starting to realize that I am looked at as a very big guy. However, I don't really have any plans on stopping progress, I guess I just want to see how far down the rabbit hole I can go.  

29 Sep 2005 21:00
I use to have that same mentality then I came to realize how much work it took to get there. Now, I'm more in awe then thinking it's sick. it's not all the gear they take but more the detication and alot of long hours to get where they are. If you are anything like me your views might change. I remember I wanted to be 210, then 225 then 240, and so on. Everytime I reached my goal I still wanted more. Not sure where I would stop if I could get that big. Also I would be as big as Ronnie if I could make that much money doing what they do, but just for the hell of it probably not. Like in an interview with Jay cutler he said he knows he's a beast he said after he retires he would be happy at 220lbs.  

29 Sep 2005 21:51
it would be hard to be fat but think if you had that much HARD muscule. ever read "Flex Ability" by Flex Wheeler? he has to sleep with something between his legs so the circulation to his legs wont be cut off. but i want to be 260lbs 7%-8%bf . but like you said jcvaughn, youre never satisfied haha  

29 Sep 2005 22:04
Ronnie is a freak and i respect him for it

being ronnie-sized was sometihng I used ot want not so much now at 5'10 and 250 this past winter my lifestyle was impacted cause I was too big and outta shape ro enjoy donig things.

now i want ot be around 210-220 so I cna still enjoy life  

30 Sep 2005 07:25
small guy what are your stats? bf?  

30 Sep 2005 07:44
[QUOTE=canibalistic_js]small guy what are your stats? bf?[/QUOTE]

not sure on all of them... my bf is probably around 18% now it was over 20 when I was 250

my arms are around 18 inches

quads 28 I think

calves 18.5 each

chest is 48 or 49 around

think my neck is 18.5

have;'nt measured in a long as time  

30 Sep 2005 16:48
I think too big is a personal decision of course, but too big in my eyes at 5' 11" 6 ft is over 250.

Im pretty sure Ill be happyat 220-225, but I might get the itch to look like a beast too, but I dont think so.

Im sure the general public thinks over 200 is big at that height.

Another thing to consider is how unhealthy it is to be that large. I got a readout from the GNC scale the other day, and it said I was 5 lbs "overweight". Im 5'11" and 175 (at the time). My ideal weight was like 145-170. Overweight is overweight, weather its fat or muscle, its still hard on your heart and body. Im sure fat is worse because of the eating habits and lifestyle that usually come with fat people, but like I said "overweight" is still unhealthy. Thats what would robably stop me from going over 225...Id already be considered "unhealthy and overweight" by my doctor. My body wasnt made to support and carry all that mass.  

02 Oct 2005 22:26
hey , ronie coleman is massive id say, i perosnally dont wanan be that big, but i know how hard it is being a hard gainer to gain weight. and to eat noting but heatly foods, no one understands but us bodybuilders how much work it takes to be big and look amazing  

09 Oct 2005 05:18
I would love to be as big as possible if it wasn't for all the drugs I would have to take. If I could look like jay cutler without taking GH and insluin I would. I would even take juice but GH and isulin is whole other ball game. I think Jay carries 280 a 100 times better than ronnie carries 300. If I could carry 350 like Quincy taylor carries 350 I would without a doubt, but I can see why other people wouldn't want to. as it was said before its all in the eyes of the beholder.  

24 Oct 2005 21:47
I think anything over 10 inches is just too big, but that's just me.  

24 Oct 2005 21:50

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