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hey guys, i'm 5'9" about 165 lbs and i'm kind of new to body building. But i would really want to dedicated my time to increase my chest size, strength, and cuts. I don't have a routine for anything. I don't know what i should eat or what not. All i have at home, is a bar with about a total of 100 lbs of free weights that i can add on it, a 20 lb dumbell and 2 15lbs dumbells. I can't afford membership for the gym..

Even though i really want to achieve a nicely built chest, i also want to achieve a nice upper body, arms, and abs. If you guys could give me any advice or a routine i could do it would really help me. Any advice would be grealy appreciated.

Thanks all.  

22 Sep 2005 08:27
Reps tons get a good pump.. use different hand postions different angles little changes do alot..  

23 Sep 2005 01:13
hey dude, if you really want a good chest, do dips!  

08 Oct 2005 11:28
You don't have a lot of weight, so you really need to use pre-exhaustion! Look it up. Basically, do your flies first, and save the pressing for after. This way you can better utilize what little weight you have. It will make it seem heavier when you go into your stronger lifts. Your question is so vague that i'd have to write a novel to give you a full answer :confused:  

17 Mar 2009 23:46

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