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hey there im new too this...not bodybuilding but forums....i have a couple questions could u guys tell me how my routine is? chest will not grow it seems like it hasnt grown at wont like square up and i think i work it good enuff......i eat plenty of food....a protein bar everyother period in skool chicken usually fer i think im getting enuff food i want to gain mass and havent seen much growth?!?!? :banghead: its getting heres my routine. i usually lift until im shot


please help!  

09 Sep 2005 01:57
[QUOTE=bodybuilding=life] i usually lift until im shot[/QUOTE]

theres your problem buddy....your overtraining.

dumb down stuff and learn to walk out of the gym with a pump, but dont go so far beyond a pump that you arent even pumped anymore.  

09 Sep 2005 04:41
ok kool do u think thats a good routine.....and is this overtraining my chest......bench, incline bench, flyes, pullovers, dumbell bench ((flat)) and dips???
thanx again  

09 Sep 2005 05:10
yes that's overtraining. I do 12-15 sets for chest, and most would agree that's a pretty good range.  

09 Sep 2005 06:25
yeah i thnk your doing ot much as well bro

make it simpler and it will work better for you

also rember that gentics do paly a role in chest type.... liek cutler has a gap in his chest alot of other bb'ers do not... there pecs touch in the middle  

09 Sep 2005 06:53
the masterpiece
[QUOTE=bodybuilding=life]ok kool do u think thats a good routine.....and is this overtraining my chest......bench, incline bench, flyes, pullovers, dumbell bench ((flat)) and dips???
thanx again[/QUOTE]

yea scratch bench out and put dumbbell press more effective because u have too balance the weights more with dumbbells.. u have to extert more energy (using full chest muscles) when your trying to balance weights rather then doing the bar u don't have to balance it as much... and the number of reps should be in the range 8-10 at the maximum weight that u can peform them at).... but some do like 4-6 range of reps, i perfer 8-10 though. and u should scratch the dips too and just do the pullovers (or vis versa as long as your doing 4 exercises)....your doing 6 exercises just for the chest u should only be doing 4 different exercises for the chest/pectorial region  

09 Sep 2005 19:36
yeah he has a point u only need 4 exercises and u should drop the dips. its not good to over work it. and i prefer 6-8 reps at the maximum weight. try that and see how that works out. if u still dont see a difference give it time. it might just be genetics  

10 Sep 2005 08:56
Here's a highly effective routine that I used for over a year and saw awesome gains in size and strength:

incline dumbbell press - 2 sets of 4-6 reps
wide-grip dips - 2 sets of 4-6 reps
flat dumbbell press - 1 set of 4-6 reps

Take every set to failure and try to increase each week in either weight or reps. As long as you train HARD you do NOT need to train often or with high amounts of volume.  

14 Sep 2005 03:42
thank you everybody for the advice i will deff. use it and tell u if i see results! :D  

14 Sep 2005 05:44
from where i see it you cant be overtraining your chest i do about 40 sets for chest including partail reps and my chest might even be my bigest musle groups... my thoery is pound your chest from every angle k thx  

19 Sep 2005 03:00
40 sets? you at the gym for 5 hours??  

20 Sep 2005 02:44
im at the gym forabout 2 hours... i hit the muscle grooup wih 3 different excersices in every angle possisble to get a even muscle grouth so i have even uper chest enad lower  

01 Oct 2005 16:03

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